Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Quick Trip Update

Martha's Vineyard yesterday was lovely. We were up early to catch an 8:15 ferry over, and more or less saw the whole island. We got a lot of use out of our $7 VTA bus pass. I think my fave part of the island might have been the iced mocha I had at Mocha Mott's, but there was a lot of pretty scenery too.

Today was a fabulous day too. We rented bikes and rode the entirety of the Shining Sea Bike Path, which added up to 33.6 km. It was mainly flat, but there was a really tough wind that you had to face when going south.

After we returned our bikes, we had a lovely lunch in town, then did some shopping. We had some amazing chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and bought some AMAZING cupcakes that we ate tonight.

We then drove back to our hotel to relax on the beach. It was cloudy by then, and the waves were a little bit rough. I swam (okay, played in the waves for a bit) and then read on a beach chair for awhile.

We tired of the beach at about 5 pm, and decided to drive an hour to an outlet mall. I was well-behaved: all I bought for myself was a sweater and a new pair of running shoes. No designer handbags this time.

It was a busy day so I'll sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow, we'll take advantage of the beach one last time, then go to Salem. I love trips.

Oh, I'll share pictures probably when I get home. I am too tired after these busy days to upload them.


Miss Ash said...

This sounds like THE perfect day!!! The beach, cupcakes, chocolate peanut butter ice!!!

Claire said...

Sounds absolutely divine!


The Grunt said...

Have you gone "Kennedy" spotting yet?

Jabba said...

Yeah really, the perfect day for sure! I can't wait to see pictures, make sure you post one of you two in the convertible.

yrautca said...

Holy mac man! You havin' too much fun out there. I am headed to cali beach soon.

galapogos said...

Sounds fun!

Princess Pessimism said...

OHH I LOVE SALEM!!!! All the pictures that I took there, were black and white. they turned out much better!! Avoid the mexican restaurant Cilantro!!! VERY bad food and service.