Sunday, September 19, 2010

The dog days are over.

It truly feels like fall these days. I love fall, and one thing I notice is that a lot of my blog buddies are the same way, so a lot of blogs have morphed into fall love letters of sorts.

I've been having some really nice fall, aka autumn, moments lately. Word choice note: I like the word autumn more than the word fall, however I think I've always called this season fall, so that's what comes out when I think/talk/write about it. Here is a list of great stuff that's been going on in my world during the past week.

1) I went for a really nice bike ride today. It really was just a trip to my friend Fea's and back because we then departed for TIFF together, but it was good riding weather for sure.

2) The movie I saw at TIFF (Sarah's Key) was really good. There was a lot of crying going on in the theatre. It's a movie from France, mostly in French but with a lot of English, so I'm not sure when it's coming out here, but when it does, I highly recommend it. And the book as I said last post.

3) I've been listening to Florence + the Machine's album "Lungs" a lot lately. I bought in the summer but never listened to until last week. It's great.

4) I'm reading a really good book called "One Day" by David Nicholls. It's about a couple and what their life is like every July 15th over a span of twenty years. I'm liking it a lot.

5) My Kindle has shipped. So maybe the next book I read will be on the Kindle!

6) Last week, three of my besties from work and I went for coffee at a really pretty French bakery in my neighbourhood. I can't believe I hadn't been there before. I had a spicy cocoa macaroon. It was delish. The place made me miss France.

7) On Saturday, I got a Zipcar and drove to Vaughn for a workshop at a conservation area there. I'm doing a stream study with my environmental science class, so this was teacher training for that. It was a good day; I think the kids will love the study. We went down to the river for a bit to collect bugs, and I got a lovely mosquito bite on my neck.

Since I had the car, I went to Ikea to get some picture frames and storage boxes, and also went to the big mall there. I bought nothing. Well done Christielli.

8) I feel like this post has completely sucked. I was going to write all kinds of deep things but got distracted by convos on MSN, Facebook, and text messages, so I promise to do better next time.


Alex said...

fall/autumn is FANTASTIC.

we got a tease of cooler weather a few days ago, but it's back to hot for at least another week. i'll be soooo excited when the trees start changing color!

glad to hear you're doing well!

Jabba said...

Fall is my favourite season too! I love getting back into sweaters and scarves.

There was a great little french bakery in Oak Bay and it closed! SUCKS! There was a great one that we used to haunt in Vancouver too. I love those places.

That books sounds great! I'm marking it down. Also, I'm going to see if Sarah's Key is playing in VIFF! If our schedule works out maybe we can see it.

Jocelyn said...

"fall love letters"- so true. that book sounds really interesting! will have to check it out!

Miss Ash said...

I'm a summer gal myself but fall ain't so bad.......

I've not heard the whole "Lungs" album but I have heard a few of her songs and wow can she sing! I really love her voice! I have a feeling we're going to be hearing a lot more of her on the radio!

galapogos said...

There's no fall love in my corner of the internet, it's actually quite against the whole idea.

Is it summer yet??

Princess Pessimism said...

You know - ive heard of that big mall in Vaughn. Ive never been. Ive lived in toronto for just 2 years, and i am the WORST Torontonian on the planet....I dont know streets, intersections, boroughs, blah....but I do know my library :o)

Princess Pessimism said...