Thursday, September 30, 2010

Odds and Ends

Wow, I'm feeling ultra-bloggy these days, so here's the third post in three days.

To answer questions from my previous post, no, my Kindle doesn't have a touch screen like an iPad. There are conveniently-located buttons on both sides of the screen to turn pages. It's funny how we've become to expect everything to be a touch screen: when I first got my Kindle, I kept touching its screen since I'm used to my iPhone, and pretty much everyone I show the thing to tries the same thing. A few years ago we weren't like that, were we? I'm sure that they'll come out with a touch-screen Kindle sooner or later, and my shiny new toy will become a technological relic.

And to answer more questions from last post, we released the bugs, or benthic macroinvertebrates if you want to use more scientific terminology, back into the river. Oh, and all of the girls and boys were totally into everything, and no one was the least bit squeamish. I was impressed.

Oh, and yes, the book I was talking about was about Henrietta Lacks, the woman who has cells taken from a cancerous tumour, and then they were grown in culture and used in countless areas of research. Interestingly enough, my envi-sci class was engaged in a discussion about genetically-engineered foods today, which evolved into a discussion about medical ethics, and I ended up telling them about this book, and they were enthralled by the story.

So that answers questions from my last post, now onto some new stuff.

A colleague told me a funny story today. Apparently while I was off on my field study yesterday, they removed a tree from in front of my school. His class could see this happening from the window, and one student remarks "Oh sure, they wait until Miss Christielli is gone for the day, then they cut down a tree."

I'm feeling so much better from my cold. I have a tonne of energy this evening. I ran some errands, came home, watched Jeopardy and kicked ass on the category about scientists. Then I remembered that I had a coupon for a free Starbucks drink that was good for the month of September, so I went on a nice walk there. When I came home, I marked a pile of stuff despite Rilo doing her best to sit on it.

Anyway, now I'm going to curl up with my new book, which is great so far. Hope you all have nice Fridays and nice weekends!


jason said...

It's so very cool that you're the (un)official Captain Planet of your school. Maybe that could be your halloween costume? Though I know you have a thing for witches from your past posts.

galapogos said...

No touch screen? Bummer. That would add a great deal of realism to it.

I haven't watched Jeopardy in years, but I don't miss it at all.

wigsf said...

You tree-huggin' hippies. So easy to fool.
"Yes Miss Christielli, take your students out to catch bugs in a river."
[door closes]
"Great! She's gone. Let the tree massacre begin. Mwa ha ha!"

Miss Ash said...

Ha! Would you have chained yourself to the tree if you knew what their plans were? :)

rawbean said...

Awhh poor tree! It was probably crying out your name until it's last moments.

Okay I have to read your last post to see what this whole bug release thing is about!