Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Bits of Fun!

1) I neglected to mention in my last post that I got tickets to a TIFF movie. TIFF is the Toronto International Film Festival for those of you who don't live here and aren't subjected to 24/7 coverage of celebrity sightings on the news. It's the film adaptation of a great book I read this summer: Sarah's Key!

I hope that the movie doesn't disappoint as sometimes film adaptations of books tend to do. However, the story is amazing so I have faith that it will carry through to film.

I do highly recommend the book to anyone and everyone. In fact, I'm usually not someone who speaks to strangers in public, but when I was in a bookstore line in Boston this summer and the lady in front of me had the book in her hands, I had to tell her that it was great. It's always nice to hear that the book that you're buying is good, right?

2) Speaking of books, the cover for my Kindle has been shipped and is on its way. So I guess I can look at it and get excited about the Kindle until the actual gadget arrives. I agree with a lot of your comments about e-readers on my previous post: I too might miss the turning of the pages and curling up with a book, however, since the Kindle was designed with book-lovers in mind, it's not supposed to feel like you are staring at a screen (it's only b & w), and it's supposed to just "disappear" as you get immersed in your e-book.

Anyway, when it arrives, you lucky blog-readers will get to live vicariously through me and find out what it's like. That's why I'm splurging on it, you know. Gotta do stuff for your blog audience. ;)

3) Today I got pre-sale tickets to see Broken Social Scene in December. I'm very excited. I've never seen them properly, only at a record store. I also got to make Steve's day with news of the tickets. Win-win!

4) My classes are still really good. We're all gelling together nicely.

5) I think I'm going out for Brazilian food with some pals from work... but then again, I thought that about last Wednesday too and it didn't happen. We shall see if it's a go this week.

Happy Wednesday!


rawbean said...

Oh you'll have to tell me how the Brazilian food goes. We did that Brazilian lunch at work at the menu options seemed limited.

Jabba is going to be happy to hear you are going to TIFF. She is all over the Film Festival here and this year, I want to go to a bunch of films too!

Claire said...

Happy Wednesday! So exciting about the Kindle - I'm contemplating one, so look forward to your reviews. So nice of you to do that for your blog readers ;)


The Grunt said...


galapogos said...

Too bad you aren't seeing I'm Still Here. I really want to find out if its any good or not.

Princess Pessimism said...

I never find anything that I want to go see at the film festival....im waiting for a super good horror movie to premiere.

Im still skeptical on the kindle - but if you like to read, and it sounds like you do - i dont know though, I dont always like to buy books - but I DO like to have a number of books for work and professional development purposes around. the kindle might clear up my work book shelf quite nicely.

Jabba said...

YAYYYYY TIFF!! Actually, VIFF sounds a little better to me because we don't have the big star-sightings that go along with it. (I'm not a big star follower at all, in fact usually when people ask me if I know who some star is, I've never heard of them!) They just close down the super popular movie theatre downtown and bring in GOOD movies for two weeks.

It would be much worse if you were standing in the bookstore telling strangers that the books they were buying were crap.

yrautca said...

I love Brazilian grill dammit. Kindle would be cool dammit.

Miss Ash said...

I'm going to keep an eye out for that book!

I don't think I've had a proper Brazilan meal before.....