Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smell the burning leaves in autumn driveways.

Oh man, how I love short weeks. Can you believe it's almost Friday?? I love it. Here's a post of randomness...

1) It looks like something pretty cool is going to happen as a result of my last post. Remember how I wrote about how I missed out on a performance of Evita at the Stratford Festival because I'm too silly to keep times straight? Well, someone who works in the Festival's media department found my post and commented on it, and is going to try to get me makeup tickets for a different performance! Isn't that so awesome? Anyway, I'll keep you updated... hopefully I can find a weekend performance that works with my schedule. It'll mean an impromptu Stratford visit, but I am down with that.

2) My work spouse and I have taken our relationship to the next level: we are gym buddies. We went today after school and I had a great workout. I have to face it, the "I'll come home and have dinner and *then* go to the gym" strategy does not work. Especially now that it's getting cold out. I'm not a fan of having to pack up my stuff the night before and lugging it to school. But I need to suck it up because exercise makes me feel so better and more energized.

3) After the gym, I had a few errands to run so I went to Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte. They're not as good as they used to be; a couple of my twitter friends both said they taste quite chemically now. I think I'm going to branch out into chai lattes, and try a green tea latte because I realize I've never had one of those.

4) Last night I had a dresser drawer open for a while, and then I shut it and came out to the living room to pay some bills and stuff. I started to hear weird noises, so I went to investigate. I called for Rilo, figuring she was the source of the noise. I was puzzled that she didn't come out, until I remembered the open drawer, and my cat's penchant for getting into drawers. I opened it, and she hopped out. I felt bad and apologized, and she was cool, but pretty talkative afterwards. It ironic that I had the rescue of the Chilean miners on in the background while my cat was trapped in a drawer. Silly thing. I hope she's cured of the bad habit of hopping into drawers. And that I'm cured of leaving them open.

Oh, and look I even have a picture of Ms. Rilo in a drawer from a previous incident. At least that time I noticed her before I shut it.

4) Weekend plans - my pal Mathew is having a housewarming party on Friday, and I'll chill with Steve on Saturday. I'm thinking of making another lasagna even though it's tonnes of work, but I do have the cheese kicking around for it.

5) I don't know what to be for Halloween. My work spouse and I want to have matching/complementary costumes. Any ideas for nifty, cheap, easy-to-assemble costumes for a couple of science nerds?

6) This week has been exhausting even though it's short. I can't wait to curl up in bed with the latest book I'm reading on my Kindle. So far I've finished two books on my Kindle, and they were both good. This one (The Postmistress by Sarah Blake) is just all right, but still decent nought to be worth finishing. I love how I can download the first chapter of books for free on my Kindle; I did that with the other two books, and it proved that they were worth reading. I didn't do it with The Postmistress and look where we are now.

So that's it for today's randomness. Happy Friday blogarinos!


Miss Ash said...

You know what's funny I find the Pumpkin Spice tastes odd when I get a non fat one. It has a zing to it which I know sounds weird cause normally I don't notice a difference in taste between regular and non fat drinks but for some reason with the pumkin spice I do.

Rilo looks soo cute!

Jabba said...

AWH! Rilo. All my old cats loved drawers too and always got caught up in them. Ziggy on the other hand - he doesn't get it. The worse he does is pull all Brad's socks out of his drawer when it's left open.

You could be Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker from the Muppet Show! Or Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat - although that isn't science nerdy. But it would just take red shirts and blue wigs. Then get some white felt and cut out a circle and put black letters on it. Hand stitch it to the shirt.

That's amazing someone read your post and you're getting new tickets!! Keep us posted!

The Grunt said...

Cats are funny. Yeah, that's all I got--brain isn't working.

Lindsey said...

Ugh. Going to the gym. You are so much better than I am...I CANNOT make myself go. No matter what. I try and try but let's face it...I'm always going to be just a little plump. :)