Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Forwards are so 1997.

Jolene (Group of 9) is in town for "business". I like to add the quotation marks because it makes look questionable... which it isn't... she's actually in town for legitimate meetings.

Anyway, last night she met up with me at school where I was sacrificing some gummy bears to potassium chlorate as I always do for our grade 8 open house. We were both tired so not much catching up was had.

However, tonight we went for sushi, gelato, and then I drank red wine, while she braved the two year old beer that was in my fridge. We played a board game called "Sequence". Does any one know it?

I like this board game because it reminds me of the year when I was working up in an aboriginal community in Northwestern Ontario. There was a lady who invited me over to her house to play Sequence and drink tea, and well, I dunno it's a good memory.

Anyway, yah, Sequence is tricky to play whilst red wine and old beer are in the picture and I think we each won a couple of games. We sometimes didn't notice that we had sequences happening on the board which kills the competitiveness of the game, but ups the fun.

And, we said some funny stuff. Like about forwards being from 1997 'cuz one of our mutual friends still sends bajillions of them. Seriously. But it makes me feel seventeen or whatever so yah. And Jolene said something that rivalled her classic "he played you like a broken guitar" comment from circa 1996. Ironically that quote was in reference to our forward-sending friend. The new quote will not amuse our friend Teresa, which makes it even funnier.

Well, yah, that's my post. Thought I'd keep something out there for my blogarinos. Regular coherent posting to return soon.

p.s. Who uses the word whilst? Me, that's who.


Jocelyn said...

i haven't played that game before- sounds like it's fun with alcohol!

Anonymous said...

Those poor wittle gummi bears...

What did they ever do to you! You should be ashamed!

Claire said...

Whilst for the Mother Hubbarb WIN! (FTMHW!)


Jabba said...

I love Sequence! Such a great game, easy to learn and super fun. My memories are playing that with lots of coffee and Bailey's at Christmas with my parents.

yrautca said...

Your blog is good for this cold weather. Its kind of warm and fuzzy. And you use words like 'whilst'.

Miss Ash said...

Am I the only one wondering why there was a beer in your fridge for two years?!?