Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So far, keeping it together's been enough.

I have a post idea for when I'm out of post ideas, and I thought I'd have to use it this week because it feels like I have the dullest week on record happening, however, I realized that I do in fact have a lot to write about, so that post idea will go back into the proverbial vault.

First of all, I have to answer some questions from my last post.

Jabba and Rawbean asked me what I meant by going out for sushi with my "reasonable" colleagues. Last week in the staff room one of my friends told me in a super hushed voice that there were pre-interview sushi plans being made, and that my attendance was required. Then, he added "invite others too, but you know, just as long as they are reasonable." It made me laugh, and I started referring it to "sushi with the reasonable" and I included it as such in my blog. I just left it in as an inside joke to myself because it makes me laugh.

Now onto the pho, and wow, there are a lot of pho fans out there. Except for Rawbean, who's never had it and asked if it was salty. I don't think it's overly salty, but it is a soup so it is somewhat salty, I suppose. However, I'm not a huge fan of salty, and I like pho, so hopefully that answers her question.

However, tragically, the pho did not happen. My friend and I had plans to have pre-documentary pho, but on my way there he texted me that it was closed, so we'd have to have dinner at the pub downstairs instead! Gah! It was hard for me to come to grips with the pho-less menu at the pub, but I did have a conciliatory beer, so that was a win. However, I was also on cold medication, and experienced some momentary loopiness as a result of the mixture of the medication and the alcohol. The loopiness was fixed by tea, but the tea couldn't fix the lack of pho.

The Feist documentary was really great though! It was projected in the atrium of the ROM's crystal, so it was a neat venue. I liked the documentary a lot; especially since it contained footage of Feist's tour from "The Reminder" and that brought back fond memories from when I saw her play the ACC. My favourite part of the doc was a clip where some idiot interviewer asked Feist "if you were to describe your album in just one word, what would it be?" Her reply was "audible". Well-played.

So that brings us up to speed on questions from the last post. This week's been a bit yucky so far. I guess it's a case of the November blahs. However, my "reasonable" colleague from above has started a new fun (and geeky) diversion: mailbox Scrabble. He's got a travel version of Scrabble that we are passing around four mailboxes in the staff room. Yes, I know you could accomplish the same thing via an online game of Scrabble, but I think this is more fun since it's more eccentric.

It's also fun that the week is almost half over. It's looking like I'll make a St. Ratford jaunt this weekend. It's nice to recharge my batteries in a small town.

p.s. I've been listening to Stars' song "Look Up" in heavy rotation.

p.p.s I also finished reading "American Wife" last night. I'd recommend it if you need a fairly easy and interesting read. I liked it overall.


the2scoops said...

We may have to live-blog a trip to Pho Hung

jason said...

Sad to hear about your pho-less outing. It is certainly one of the best meals when the cooler temps roll around.

The Grunt said...

WTPHO? I need to try Pho.

galapogos said...

With all this talk of Pho, I totally wanted it this evening on account of the cold weather. But instead I ended up having shrimp tacos, which I enjoy greatly.

If "someone" is looking for good Pho in Vancity, they should try Nha Trang Restaurant, at Broadway and Fraser. Its cheesy inside, but the food is great.

s.g said...

happy to hear the Rat is a recharge for you. I am always in debate for those trips as I feel I need days off upon return for a recharge. My goal at xmas is to have more control over plans for a forced recharge

Jabba said...

I haven't had pho in years, but I remember liking it a lot. Brad LOVES it. There is a Vietnamese soup at the place on Oak and Broadway in Vancouver that is SO fantastic it's making my mouth water. Alas, we haven't found a replacement in Victoria yet.
Thanks for explaining about the reasonable friends!

Princess Pessimism said...

RAWBEAN...how have you nevver had Pho??? Its DIVINE.

rawbean said...

Thanks for all of the answers! Now I have to try Pho for sure!

Its funny I saw you on messenger listening to the stars "look up" over and over and I thought maybe the program was glitched - nope!!