Sunday, November 14, 2010

They say that good things come.

Thanks for everyone's comments on my previous emo post. You guys are the best.

I decided to have a "me" weekend. I actually turned down some social plans just to hang out at home with Ms. Rilo. (I guess I'm never really alone.) I rented some movies, read a lot, went for some long walks (didn't make it to the cemetery though, jason... good call... I gotta do that soon), worked on some knitting, and got some good quality sleep in there. As a result, I'm feeling good about my weekend with myself. I'm a good date.

Apart from that weekend update, I'd like to make this a post of good things as of late.

1) Joel Plaskett

As you all know, I was able to see Joel in Guelph last weekend and it was awesome. As a result, I've been listening to a lot of Joel. "Through & Through & Through" is my anthem right now, and I love the video, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I also like the video because it makes me think of the East Coast road trip that I took a couple of summers ago, where I got to see cute little villages. I want to go back!

I just discovered this artist through Jocelyn's blog earlier this evening, and I love his stuff. I was browsing through his etsy shop constantly saying "oh no!" because I loved every piece of work. I think I'll buy myself a print, maybe as a birthday gift, but not now. I do like all of the prints with cats and birds, however, I have to make sure my apartment doesn't get too cat-ladyish in its decor. I might get the print of San Francisco below, because I really like that city.

Also, this one makes me laugh because it's called "we found a fish for you, could we please have our umbrella back".

I like the giant snail in the museum too.

3) Memoirs

When I need something easy to read, I often get some random memoir, usually of a person with some sort of addiction problem. Maybe it's because I've run out of episodes of A&E's Intervention to watch, who knows? I read Caroline Knapp's "Drinking: A Love Story" and now I'm reading Portia de Rossi's "Unbearable Lightness" about her struggle with anorexia while she was on Ally McBeal. I wouldn't especially say "go read these!" but they keep me interested without me having to think too much, so that's why I think I gravitate to them as distractions.

4) The Grunt's Performance Week

Kudos to a long-time blog buddy for sharing his music!

5) Starbucks' Chocolate Vivanno Smoothies with a shot of espresso

Lately, I've been skipping breakfast to have one of these. Yum. I might do it tomorrow if I leave early enough.

6) No homework over the weekend

I did not do a single piece of marking or planning or anything work-related this weekend. I loved it after a pretty intense week last week. It's the calm before the next storm.

7) Matt & Kim's Sidewalks

My fave NYC duo came out with a new album earlier this month, and I just downloaded it and I'm on my first listen, but it sounds promising. It'll be good to add some non-cheesy music to my gym playlists.

8) Things to look forward to...

Post parent-teacher interview drinks with friends, the new Harry Potter movie, Priscilla Queen of the Desert (if I get tickets), my first proper Broken Social Scene show, Christmas parties, and Jason Collett at the Dakota Tavern.

Hope you all have nice Mondays!


Jabba said...

Here's to no 'homework' on the weekend! I'm anticipating lots of extra work next weekend - sigh.

I've been off work the last four days (the most I've had off in a row all year!) and I did NOTHING. Lots of sleeping, reading, lazing around watching bad was fantastic. Just what I needed.

I love the snail in the museum!

The Grunt said...

Thanks for the shout out, C!

I always find it hard to believe that people actually live in picturesque towns like the one you posted a picture of.

Glad you are feeling better.

galapogos said...

I hope the weekend was good for you.

Those pictures are cool, you should definitely get one. Music always makes you feel better, that's why it is so great. Speaking of BSS, I just saw their movie the other day, it was very good.

yrautca said...

That was a very academic post.