Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Wasn't it easier in your lunch-box days?

Today was one of those days that could generate about eighteen posts worth of material.

For instance, I left work early this morning and saw someone on the subway who was a blip in my life about ten months ago, but still has a tiny place in my current storyline.

It was weird getting on the subway, and realizing that the person sitting right in front of where I was standing was this minor character, but luckily, this character was immersed in a book and didn't look up. I thought "eeep, I hope he doesn't notice/recognize me" and I subtly moved to another place on the train, but I could still see his reflection in the mirror and thought "that's an unfortunate facial hair choice."

Again, I guess it just made me realize there are a lot of twists and turns in the plot of life. This person played a very small part in my life, but I know that this part lead me to do something that precipitated other events in my life, and to what I'm feeling today. Anyway, it's just weird having to avoid these bit players in your life, just because you leave for a work a bit earlier than usual. Oh, and if I'd ran down the stairs to the train a little faster, I would have caught the previous train, and this person would have remained far from my memory.

On a similar note to that story, how often I run into people in Toronto surprises me. I'm a small-town girl, and the fact that I constantly run into people I know in Canada's largest city never ceases to amaze me. Today after work I went to do some shopping on Bloor St., and I saw a friend from work across the street from me but too far away from me to yell hello, and then I look right in front of me to see one of my favourite students. I say "Hiya *insert kid's name here*, look across the street, it's Mr. O too! That's so strange!" Then kid and I had a little conversation about where we were going shopping and off we went.

We'll have to compare notes tomorrow because I did have a good shopping trip. I got a bunch of my Christmas shopping done in one store, plus something a little shiny for myself. :)

(Sidenote: Do you think you can carry a navy blue bag with a brown coat? This was the debate I had in the store, and after consulting with different clerks, the consensus was buy the bag and try it on at home with your coat. I'm unsure about the combo though, but I think I'll just buy a back winter coat to go with the bag. I really like the bag, and I got a discount, so perhaps I'll hunt down a black winter coat to go with the bag.)

Another one of my potential blog posts today is about body image, and how something that happened today made me realize how much teenagers really do suffer as a result of body image issues. Seriously, it made my heart break. Sigh.

I also managed to pull off a semi-major environmental event at my school today. I think that since now I've pulled off much bigger stuff, something like this was easy-peasey for me, but still, more than most are able to pull off.

But now, I gotta get ready to go out for dinner at a super nice Italian restaurant with a couple of my besties from work. I'm looking forward to having a really good meal, getting a second and third opinion on my new bag, and drinking a glass (or three) of red wine. This chilly fall weather is perfect for red wine, and I always do what the weather tells me.


Anonymous said...

It's very common to run into people you know in Toronto. Remember, the people you know, you know them for a reason. Similar age group, demographics and stuff like that. It's not like you frequent places with old Chinese ladies. You frequent places with people similar to you.

Alex said...

omigawd it was so much easier in the lunch-box days!! i see kids now (and i admit, i am *totally* jealous), and think, "kid, you have no idea how easy you have it," responsibilities wise, at least. man, i never understood the whole youth-is-wasted-on-the-young thing 'til recently, but holy moly.

anyway, sounds like a crazy day! i love hearing about how you run into people in Canada's largest city - it truly is a small world. i've run into friends in foreign countries and am now no longer surprised. i almost expect to see people i know, it's like a real-time version of Where's Waldo, except you have no clue who Waldo is until you meet them. ha.

anyhoo, i hope you enjoy your super nice Italian dinner!

yrautca said...

That sounds like an intense day.

I think blue and brown work together.

Hope your dinner is relaxing.

The Grunt said...

You should have snuck up on the guy, gave him a wet willy, then ran.

Miss Ash said...

Two thumbs up to brown and blue! You can work it!

I agree, I run into people often in that city and I don't even live there! It's actually odd how "tiny" it can feel sometimes.

rawbean said...

I can't wait to see your new bag - please please post pictures.

Isn't it weird how seconds can make a difference in who you see and how your day pans out?

Jabba said...

Yes, you MUST post pictures of your bag and I totally think you could wear navy blue and brown.

I NEVER ran into people I knew in Vancouver. The girl I moved in with when I moved out here in 1996 - never saw her again in the 12 years I spent in Vancouver.

Victoria on the other hand....I was waiting for a table at a restaurant once and I thought to myself "Victoria is so small, I bet if I looked through this room of people I would know someone." I scanned the restaurant and yup, one of my workmates was there.

Yesterday I went to the high school I'm working on when students were just getting out. It was SO WEIRD being back in that environment. I could feel that energy of teenagers, high school, trying to fit in, cliques, the hallways full of noise. It made me think of you actually!

Princess Pessimism said...

i just moved here 2 years ago...and i am amazing how many times i run into people that I know on the streets....toronto is a big city - but its not as big as people seem to think (I always loved the allure of living in a huge city and bumping into people that I knew randomly...one of the reasons i moved here)

Jocelyn said...

You know, I have yet to run into people that live two blocks away from me (and thank goodness for that one). I think that brown and navy blue would look stellar together, potentially better than black and navy blue, even.

Sounds like an intense day- but the best ones always are.

galapogos said...

Blue/brown is one of my favorite combinations.

I never run into anybody I know, but I'm not really from here so I don't have a lot of history here.