Thursday, April 29, 2010

All we want, baby, is everything.

Here is a list of things I want, and comments on whether or not I have my wants.

1) Dark purple Chucks - On the subway yesterday morning, I saw two people wearing low cut dark purple chucks and I realized that I *need* a pair of those suckers because: a) I love purple; and b) I love Chucks.

I will get them because I just did my taxes and I got a refund so mine they will be.

2) Boston Red Sox Tickets - Two members of the group of 9 and I are going on a road trip to Boston during the first week of August. I really wanted to go see a game and get a little bit drunk at Fenway.

Yesterday I looked up tickets online and all that's left is obstructed view seats. That lead me to wonder what that term means. Thankfully, some crazy Red Sox fan has created a website where you can see a photo of the view from most of the seats in Fenway. I looked up the ones we could have gotten, and we would have had a great view of a giant green post with the number 23 on it, plus a little bit of baseball action on the side.

So, $52 per person for a view of a post, not to mention the cost of the beer? I think I'll have to pass, even thought it would have been a cool vacay activity.

Solution: I'm gonna go to a Jays game and drink beer there. Heck, they need my attendance 1 000 000 times more than the Red Sox do.

3) I'd like a glass of pop. I just bought some, so I'll be back in a second.

4) All right, I got #3 pretty quickly. Next item: I'd kind of like to see the New Pornographers at the Sound Academy on June 15th. I should start plotting that. I hope Neko'll be there. Also, I want their new album which comes out next week. I'll get that 'cuz I still have iTunes money left over from my bday!

5) I want to be better at living in the moment. I spend too much time worrying about the past and future. The moment's where it's at! Any tips at getting better at that?

6) I want a bike. I've been planning on buying a bike for at least 3 years now. I tell you, it's going to happen this summer because all I have planned is the trip to Boston, so it would be a great time to explore Toronto by bicycle. I might even start looking for my bike this weekend, if I can find time in between social plans (Friday night sushi with Mathew, Sat. night party, coffee with Fea at some point, and then sushi/gelato lunch on Sunday with my friend Flora).

7) I want a new computer. That will happen this summer as well, unless I get buyer's jitters.

8) I want to organize my apartment a little bit better this summer and get some artwork framed that I've had around here since last summer. Yeesh.

Okay, so in summery (typo - I'm leaving it), I'd like it to be summer. But I also need to work on living in the moment. I'm a walking contradiction, I am.

Happy weekend folks!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do you like to chit chat?

Here's a discussion post for all you bloggers out there. Non-bloggers are welcome to join in on the convo too.

How open are you about your blog to people in your "real life"? Does everyone know? Or is your blog just for the blogosphere? Or perhaps you are selective about who knows about your blog?

I'm selective.

I would say that about 80% of my close friends in real life know about my blog. I know that maybe only three read it on a regular basis, and the rest check in now and then. Sometimes I'll stumble across someone who reads my blog more than I think they do. I'll launch into a story and they'll be like "yah, I read about it on your blog" and I'll reply "oh" and then an awkward silence will follow 'cuz there's nothing left to say and one of us will have to find a new topic of conversation.

Who doesn't know about my blog? Well, basically anyone who I've met from work. When I started my blog, it was no biggie. I wasn't close friends with anyone from work, and I don't like the idea of work and blogging mixing. But now it's kind of weird 'cuz I am very close friends with several people at work and I find it strange that they don't know about my blog. I guess really it only comes up when I'm off visiting a blog friend in a fun location (Texas, the UK) and they are like "oh how do you know this person?" and I mumble something lame but not exactly a lie in response. Like, oh, I met her when she was visiting a mutual friend here and we hit it off and now look! We are pals! Totally a half-truth, ha-ha.

And then comes to the topic of new people I meet: when or do I tell them about the blog? The irony of my life is that any new people that I meet tend to be from:
a) work (so no blog talk);
b) through mutual non-work friends (no problem talking about the blog...); or
c) through the blog so obviously they know.

And of course, before blog talk comes up, a certain level of friendship has to be reached, and I find most of my close friends are old friends anyway. It's rare that I strike up a really close friendship with a "new" person. (Hmmm, am I actually xenophobic? That's a post for another day!)

However, sometimes a different scenario comes up, and I have to think, hmmm, when or do I bring up that I'm a blogger? It's not that there is anything wrong at all with blogging, it's just there's five years of my life up here, and it's a pretty overwhelming thing to tell someone about. What if they read it and think differently about me? However, blog-Christielli is just as mothereffing cool/nerdy as real-life Christielli, so why would I be worried? There aren't any secrets here, but just a lot of thoughts, I suppose.

So anyway, what are everyone else's blog-disclosure policies?

p.s. Post title comes from a song from Hannah Georgas' new album "This Is Good" which is lives up to its name.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your beauty must rubbing off on me.

Awww, another wonderful weekend is in its waning hours. Sniffle.

This weekend had a lot of my favourite things: sushi, socializing, sleeping, a show, Starbucks, and shopping. Go alliteration!

The show was Hawksley Workman at Massey Hall, and it was wonderful. There was no opening act: just close to three hours of Hawksley and his band. The show opened up with Mr. Lonely, Hawksley's longtime pianist, playing a medley of Hawksley's songs. It was really special. I grew through my twenties listening to Hawksley and hearing all kinds of old favourites mashed together made me quite nostalgic.

Also what made me nostalgic was that Hawksley played four songs from 2001's (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves. That was the album that just came out when Becca T and I discovered Hawksley, and I was sad that she wasn't there, because those songs remind of the days when Becca T and I would play all Hawksley, all the time. That was our credo, and we couldn't listen to anything else if we tried.

His new stuff was really good too. Highlights were "We'll Make Time", "We Dance to Yesterday", "Robot Heart" and "Song for Sarah Jane". Another highlight was when he played the drums during "Smoke, Baby" which is an older song. Hawksley is a drummer, and getting to see him play is amazing. Seriously, he *is* one of the most talented musicians around. He plays everything, produces other great records (like Hey Rosetta!), and is one of the most amazing and diverse songwriters ever. His style is rather out there and very cabaret, but I believe there is a Hawksley song for everyone and anyone.

It's hard to say what my fave song of the show was, but I think it was the final surprise encore song. The band had just finished an amazing "No Beginning, No End" which is the song that made both Becca T and I fall in love with Hawksley back in the Delicious Wolves days. However, Hawksley came out for one last song on his own, which was the lovely "Ilfracombe". He was losing his voice through the song, and kept coughing, messing up the lyrics and joking about it: "I bet you guys thought you paid for a professional show!" However, it was so special that he wanted to play one last song for the hometown crowd on the last night of his tour, and "Ilfracombe" is one of my favourites and it was beautiful in its quirks and imperfections.

I could keep going on about the show but I won't. I've been on a Hawksley binge today (quelle surprise) and I've been downloading a lot of the singles he's released this year. He's realeased two albums this year. "Meat" was released as a tradition album back in January, and he's been releasing the second "Milk" on a track-by-track basis. I've been very impressed by some of the stuff that has come out of "Milk" so far.

I had a really nice Sunday. I slept in, went to the gym (a lot of the "Milk" songs are great for the gym!), and then headed to the Eaton Centre for some shopping. I picked up a pair of lavender flats that I'd been eying at Aldo, a cute work outfit to go with the shoes, a new pair of headphones that I will keep away from the beast who likes to snack on them, and a new Tshirt with an owl on it.

I rented "The Young Victoria" tonight, and I'm going to knit as I watch it. I think it's supposed to be really good, so I'm looking forward to it. Unlike Monday, which I'm not really looking forward to, but I guess you can't have weekends without starting the week. So bring it, Monday will be my attitude.

Happy new week blogarinos!

Friday, April 23, 2010

You're so nice and you're so smart.

Happy belated Earth Day!

It was a busy one because it was also p-t interview night. It means a late night for me, especially since a bunch of us went to the Drake (2nd time in a week) for drinks afterward. The thing I love about this evening is that it marks what I think of as the descent into summer vacay. Only two months left kids! It'll be a breeze.

Anyway, I organized an Earth Day event that I consider win-win-win because the whole school was involved, the kids were excited, and someone who bothers me got trampled in the fun. The vision of that kept me in stitches all day. Clearly win-win-win.

Today a kid said to me "Miss, you know who you remind me of? That chick from Juno, except you are older and not pregnant."

"I can dig that," I replied.

"That is so something Juno would say," he concluded and laughed.

Anyway, tomorrow is late start (thank goodness) and then I've scheduled quizzes in my classes which makes my day rather quiet, I hope. Then, it will be the weekend! Tomorrow night I'm going for sushi (as I tend to almost every Friday, ha-ha), and then on Saturday I've got a Hawksley Workman show! Sunday will be a day of work, but that's okay, 'cuz I know summer is soon.

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Asking for Flowers

Since I was faced with a concert cancellation this morning, I decided to see what else was going on in town. I messaged my pals from Winnipeg with some options, and we decided to head off to the Drake Hotel to see if we could catch Kathleen Edwards there. She's doing a residency there which means she's playing there a bunch of Tuesdays in a row.

Anyway, I was quite happy with this alternate event. I love Kathleen; she's definitely one of my favourite artists. The Drake is a great place to take out-of-towners because it's oh-so-cool. We took a crowded Queen streetcar out to the Drake, and relaxed on the patio with some beer and yummy food (Drake burger with fries... om-nom-nom).

Then it was time to get our tickets. We got to the desk and they told us they were sold out. Picture three very unhappy faces.

But, blam! Luck finally smiled our way. While we were still registering the bad news, the lady at the desk was like "wait, there are three extra tickets here for people who haven't showed. Take them." Picture three very happy faces.

Thanks for pulling through serendipity! Woot!

Anyway, I'd never seen a show at the underground part of the Drake, and it's a really nice intimate space. We chilled for a bit, and then Kathleen and her band came on and played an amazing set. I was reminded of how much I love her. She can rock out and is hilarious. Also, her songs are beautiful and no-holds-barred at the same time. She reminds you not to put up with any bullshit from boys, and isn't afraid to curse about it either.

We were definitely able to find a silver lining in a cloud of volcanic ash. The Rolling Stones were right: "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find that you get what you need." I needed a rock show, and I got one.

Oh, and Los Campesinos!, I know we will meet each other someday. We will.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A burn scar in the shape of the sooner state.

LC was canceled. They are still stuck in the UK. I have never hated an unpronounceable volcano this much. I was hoping that someone would maybe attempt sacrificing something/someone to the volcano to stop this bullshit. My suggestion: Tiger Woods. Reasoning: 1) Here volcano! Here's the world's best golfer! Aren't you happy now? Stop errupting so people can fly! 2) We wouldn't have to hear anymore about Tiger Woods. Win-win. As long as the volcano doesn't read any newspapers or watch tv, the plan would work, I'm sure. It's too late for me, but someone should try it!

But seriously, I'll stop whining. It could be worse. I'm sure LC will find their way to Toronto soon enough and I'll go. I feel bad for my friends in from Wpg for the show though. What luck. :( Oh well, I hope they still enjoy Toronto.

Yesterday I was showing my friend Matt from Wpg around town and we were having a beer in the lovely sun and discussing how bummed we'd be if the show was canceled. "Could be worse," he said, "we could live in Iceland. I hear they're having floods and stuff." "Yah, we really don't have it all that bad." I said glumly. I don't think either of us felt better, but it was true.

I have a friend from university who lives in Switzerland now and she was supposed to leave this weekend, but now she's stuck here 'til next Monday. At least she's stuck at home though. That's not too bad.

Imagine if this had happened during my March Break in France! Another week in Nice crashing on Becca T's couch wouldn't have been the worst. And the Trans-Atlantic phone call to my boss explaining that my classes need coverage because of a volcano wouldn't have been bad either.

Anyway, so instead of rocking out tomorrow night, we will be drowning our sorrows with beer and the city's best mac 'n cheese. I'm so glad that I know where the city's best comfort food is in times like these.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

And all your can hear is the sound of your own heart.

I wish I could sit here and write all that's going through my brain these days, but it's pretty jumbled up, and I'm super tired from a great weekend.

Basically, life's been playing some tricks on me with some history repeating itself in a way. It's just some similar events to something that happened to me before, but this time the outcome seems to be awesome, but the similarities are resonating. But really, I should be paying way more attention to the differences 'cuz they're what are awesome right now. In addition, other events that I'd written in my head have turned out way differently, but I really like the way they've been re-written. I like to always think I know what's best; but I don't. So yah, life's strange but awesome, and I'm rocking and rolling with it.

Well, except for that damned volcano in Iceland.

Los Campesinos! have yet to be able to make it across the Atlantic for their North American tour. The next date on the list to be canceled is the Toronto date. I'll find out for sure tomorrow, but I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hope it gives you hell.

Tonight's homework for me is to write a reference letter, so I've decided to preface that task by blogging to get my writing groove going.

I haven't done a post about songs I'm enjoying at the moment lately, so there's no time like the present!

1) Gives you Hell - Glee Cast Version: Well, I've done it. I've downloaded my first Glee Cast Version of a song. This All Americans Rejects' song was on this week's *brand* *new* Glee episode, and it was definitely my favourite song of the show. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't wish they could belt this out to a boy/girl who burned you? Not that I've had any use for this song lately, but it's still highly enjoyable. Anyway, if you're not a Gleek, the original's fun too.

2) Fixed - Stars: In an earlier post, I mentioned that Stars was offering the first single from their upcoming June album for free. Now that I've had some time to listen to it lots, I can say that I love it. It's summery, and it's nice to hear a new Stars song where Amy sings to their lovely electo-pop music. I am very excited for the new album. June can't come soon enough for many reasons apparently!

3) Hey, Soul Sister - Train: I'll probably always have a soft spot for Train 'cuz they opened for Ben Folds Five the first and only time I got to see them. Most of their music is too cheesy for me, but I'll always have "Meet Virginia" and "Drops of Jupiter" on my iPod for sentimental reasons. Anyway, I caught this new one on the radio last time I was in Stratford (the only time I ever listen to the radio), and it's catchy and makes me think of summer, so I've been listening to it lately.

4) Take A Minute - K'naan: I love how much success this Somali-Toronto artist is having with his song "Wavin' Flag". He deserves it. "Take A Minute" is my favourite song from his great album "Troubadour" and it's a perfect song to listen to when you need to put stuff into perspective. It's my zen song. Oh, and I'd say it's summery.

5) Masterpiece Theatre, pt. 3 - Marianas Trench: "Masterpiece Theatre" is my guilty pop-punk pleasure album of the moment. It's been in heavy rotation since I got it, even if I do feel that I'm losing some music-snob cred for loving it so. It's a total concept album with a bit of a Queen influence, and it works well. There are some lovely vocal harmonies, folks. This is the closing track, and it's clever mash-up of the other songs on the album, and it's a great listen. All right, now I'm going to go paint my nails black and cake on some eyeliner. BRB.

6) Pretty much anything by Los Campesinos! - Because... Tuesday night I'm going to see them. Finally! I've been waiting for this show forever and ever. I am so excited! If I had to pick one song of theirs that I'd love to hear at the show, it would have to be "We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives" Well, that's the oldie. As for something new, I'd want to hear "This is a Flag. There is No Wind." because it's got the best opening line ever: "Can't we all please just calm the fuck down?"

Anyway, there are some fun songs for you to check out if you are so inclined. And... tomorrow's Friday! Woot! I have to say I'm really excited for this weekend 'cuz I've got some exciting plans. Saturday will be a day of work (boo) but on Friday night I've got sushi plans that I'm looking forward to, and then on Sunday, I'm showing a visiting friend around Toronto. My travel guide plans including going to Kensington Market, and eating a restaurant that's solely devoted to grilled cheese sandwiches. I've always wanted to try it, so I figure this is a good opportunity.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My job's saving grace.

The last two nights have been heavy on the homework, and it's not going to let up since marks are due soon. I also was at school pretty late doing some extracurricular stuff too. I've never been thinking about June this much in April before; it's because I've taken too much on my plate this year. Next year, my favourite word will be "no".

My grade nines, whom I've taken to calling my goldfish because that's what most of them have an attention span of, are completely remedial at bringing pencils to class. They walk away with too many of mine. I've had to implement the "give me something you value if you want to borrow a pencil" policy. So, at the start of class I end up with a drawer with assorted items such at watches, bracelets, bus passes, cell phones, etc.

Today as I was handing back a kid his headphones I said "hey - why don't you keep the pencil and I take your headphones? My cat just chewed through another pair of mine."

"Miss, you listen to music?" said the child incredulously with a raised eyebrow and a look of disbelief on his face.

"Oh, of course not. Just science podcasts." I replied and this seemed to ease his confusion. I guess I've entered the phase of my career where more of them are convinced that I'm a robot who lives in a closet in the school.

Typing this story out has just made me think of another funny story. One of my work buddies told me about how her class asked her if she had facebook. (My standard answer to this question is "What's facebook?") Anyway, she said yah, but she doesn't add students, and the kids asked "Is Miss *insert last name* your friend?" She said yes.

"Do you guys write on each other's wall about school and stuff? Do you tell Miss *insert last name* when you've had a really good science lesson?"

As soon as I got home that night, I wrote on her wall "I had a really great science lesson today!!"

Anyway, at least my job is funny. I'll grant it that.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take me with you, I start to miss you.

So my weekend of nothingness is over. There was actually some stuff going on, but I did chill out a bit and procrastinate instead of doing stuff, so I think I feel good.

On Friday night, I went for sushi with my dear pal Mathew. The conversation randomly turned to how Mathew (who I consider like the brother that I never had) would test out any boy that I might bring to meet him.

First, he will drink out of dude's beverage. This actually stems from something that Becca T and I did when we met one of our friend's boyfriends for the first time. We were having dinner, and Becca T and I ordered diet pop (because we chose brain cancer over diabetes), and the other two ordered regular pop. Becca was convinced that hers wasn't diet, so she tasted mine to compare, and well, things progressed and basically Becca and I were drinking everyone's pop to solve the mystery. We eventually got to tasting everyone's drinks before someone had the good sense to ask the waitress to bring replacements. Then Becca T pointed out "ummm, this is the first time we're meeting boyfriend over here" and to which I responded "this *is* a pretty accurate representation of what we're like, so it's good he knows." Luckily, boyfriend was not offended and he got our stamp of approval. We're going to the wedding this summer.

Mathew retold the above story to me, which is hilarious 'cuz I'd forgotten about it and I was there, yet he remembered it and he wasn't. He has decided this is a good test of a new person because they should not freak out under these circumstances and take it in stride.

However, he thinks that something extreme should be done to test out that they have the cajones to get mad for the right reasons, and to see what they're like when they are angry. He's decided that pouring a drink over their head is the way to go there.

Maybe I shouldn't bring any boys home to meet Mathew ever.

So yah, that dinner conversation, among others, had me cracking up, hence Friday night gets a thumbs-up.

Saturday was super girlie day for me. In the morning, I got my eyebrows and nails done. Then I walked to Starbucks and got one of my fave things: a chocolate banana Vivanno smoothie. I walked home, had lunch and then a nap, and then went to get my haircut. My fabulous hair stylist broke it to me that he's leaving the city, so I'm a little bummed about that, but it's better to just appreciate the fact that my hair had two years of excellent cuts and move on. Guess next time I book, I'll just go to a random person at the same salon and see how it works out.

Today I enjoyed some good nothing time, but as I expected, some last minute social plans would come my way. One of my friends from university who lives in Switzerland is in town, so other friends threw a dinner party for her. It was a fun time, and a lot of catching up happened.

Well, now I'm facing a long week of work. I've got some stuff coming up this weekend to look forward to, and the week after next proves to be one of the busiest EVER. I'm talking concerts, visitors, dinners, springdowns (silliness with coworkers), p-t interviews, Earth Week events, and applications for work stuff due. At least I had a chill weekend going into it.

Friday, April 09, 2010

I thought I saw you in the tea leaves.

Quick post 'cuz I'm tired from a long busy day (field trip + concert), but I have to write about a couple funny things.

1) Today I received *three* separate messages from people who've seen me around this week (at a store, on a bus, on the street as they drove by). What the what? Don't you think that's weird? I haven't gotten any messages about anyone seeing me around in well, I dunno if I ever have!

2) The Owen Pallett concert was phenomenal! That man is a talent and is so unique. He makes all of his music by looping his violin (this description of mine most likely sucks), and sings while he plays. It's amazing to watch.

Also, it stopped raining by the time the concert was over, and the walk from the theatre to the streetcar provided a great view of the city's skyline. That, plus awesome music and awesome company makes for a perfect Toronto evening.

Anyway, the funny part occurred on the way home. The concert was out at a theatre on the CNE grounds, which aren't busy at all at this time of year. After the show there was a huge line-up at for the streetcar back to the subway, and the driver was like "What the what? Where are you people coming from?" People told him about the concert, and he was like "Owen Powell... Never heard of him!" People tried to correct him, but he kept explaining to other passengers why the streetcar was packed that "Owen Powell's in town. Yah, I've never heard of him either, but look!"

By the time the streetcar reached Union Station, he said "Well, next time Owen Pallett's in town, I might check him out. I like piano music." So, he finally did get the name right, but wrong instrument. Still, I'll give him an A for effort, and also point out that he's a great asset to the poor TTC and its customer relations problems. Nice dude.

Happy Fridays to you all. I'm looking forward to my weekend of nothing, but I'll bet you that when I write about it, that it will be busier than I anticipated.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Step one, step two, step three, repeat.

Greetings from a short yet crazy busy week. Tomorrow I'm off on a field trip, and then I'm going to see Owen Pallett in the evening. It's been awhile, like a little over a month, since I've seen a show and I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, what I'm looking forward to a lot is this weekend. For the past five weekends I've left Toronto and gone somewhere else, and I'm looking forward not going anywhere this weekend. Heck, I might make exactly zero social plans this weekend. My plans are to do some spring cleaning, get to the gym, get my hair cut 'cuz it's getting straggly (if I can get an appt), and perhaps treat myself to a mani-pedi.

Hmmm, what else is new? Oh, I wore my new funky tights today. They're skin-coloured and have flowers on them, so they look a little bit like tattoos. They are fun to wear because I got a lot of comments. The girls liked them, but the boys were hilarious. I got a few "Miss what's happened to your legs? They look bruised!" and some "Miss are those tattoos on your legs?" I got people commenting on them on the subway, and a Tim Horton's server also thought they were tattoos.

I ordered a bunch of books from and they arrived today. I got a new vegetarian cookbook because it will hopefully come in handy, a random book called "What Would Audrey Do?"for my friend Eric who loves Audrey Hepburn, and a couple of historical novels that I've read before but want to re-read now that I've been to the places or seen the things they are about. I haven't finished a book in forever, and I think re-reading is the only way I'll get something read because it requires less brain-power.

I had to buy new headphones for my iPhone because a certain Miss Rilo Kitty decided to chew them up last night. I shouldn't have left them out, but she hasn't gone near headphones in ages so I've not been vigilant. Weird. Maybe she was getting me back for those car-rides to my parents, and/or for leaving her alone for two days at Easter. I still love her but I got my revenge by startling her with the packing paper that was in the box of books. She jumped into the air which made me laugh, and kept coming back for more scares. She's an odd one.

The Boston-Cape Cod adventure has gained another participant: Christa, Go9 and perhaps even a fourth: Joanna, Go9 (that one's dependent on some other factors though). I think it's going to be a great time. Can it be summer now?

On another random tangent, if you have a spare 8 minutes, and enjoy environmentalism/anti-consumerism, why not watch the cartoon below about bottled water? It's great!

I'm washing all of my bedding right now, and it's almost done. Clean sheets and a new book for the win!

p.s. If you love Stars, go here and you can download their new single for free! I'm on my first listen right now.

Monday, April 05, 2010

According to him I'm funny, irresistable.

This weekend has just been awesome. The weather is beautiful, and I feel more like it's the May long weekend, and I should go back to school with one month left. Unfortch, I have three months left, but we won't dwell on that for now.

Anyway, I had plans to get up this morning, maybe go to the gym, and tidy this place up, but I stayed up late last night after my train got my home at 12:30 am. And then when my alarm went off, Rilo was still sleeping, and then she hopped into my bed and laid on my arm, so I didn't want to disturb her.

Now I'm chilling on my couch watching the show I love to hate - "The View". I can't stand it, but it's a treat to watch it 'cuz it makes me think of summer, holidays, and days off work.

I'll have to get myself ready to go out soon. I'm meeting up with a friend for coffee to catch "How to Train Your Dragon". It's supposed to be really good.

I want to leave a little bit early to browse through the travel books at a bookstore. Some of the best conversations in my life occur with friends in cars, late at night, when they are dropping me off somewhere and we chit-chat. Anyway, after the wedding reception on Friday night, my friend Veronica Go9*, said she'd like to travel somewhere this summer, and we hatched an idea of a roadtrip to Boston and Cape Cod. I've been thinking about this idea, and I like it, and looking through travel books is my next step.

The wedding reception on Friday was really fun. It was great catching up with a bunch of people, and it was nice to celebrate the marriage of two fabulous people. A few of us went out for food and gossip afterwards which was super fun.

The rest of the weekend was filled with classic St. Ratford moments. I met up with my friend Heather for coffee at the most reliable place in town, and then we wandered around downtown and did some shopping. I bought a pair of funky tights at the Green Room as usual. In the evening, I ran some errands for the 'rents, and then went for a walk along my tried-and-true St. Ratford walking route.

Easter Sunday's weather was beautiful. I had the traditional breakfast of coloured hardboiled eggs as made by my dad. Yup, every year my dad still dyes eggs. I sometimes like to point out my age, and that this is no longer necessary, but I get dirty looks and I'm told not to ruin the holiday. After that, I went to church with my aunt, had a nap, and then went for a walk around the river with pretty much the rest of the town. Everyone was taking advantage of the weather, and I've never seen the river so busy. And tourist season hasn't started; so they were all locals! Anyway, after the walk, I ate too much for dinner, and got ready for my train.

Because I drove around this weekend, I found some new cheesy pop music to love. I love the song "According to You" by Orianthi. I am officially declaring it this year's "Since U Been Gone". Also, I've accepting the fact that my inner teenager really like Marianas Trench, and I've now got the whole album. It's emo-licious!

*I've decided to put "Go9" after a name when I write about someone in the Group of 9 (my friends from high school). It's rather like a professional designation!