Saturday, March 03, 2012

My first hiatus.

Hiya blogarinos.

I'm going through a really tough time right now. I'm not going to go into details, and it'll be all A-OK in the end and I've got all of my wonderful friends in my corner right now.

It will be okay. Paris is coming in a week, and I want to post from there, but other than a few updates from there, I'm going to go on blog hiatus for awhile. I don't know what to write about right now.

I'll be back I'm sure. Who knows? Maybe the city of lights will make everything right and this will be the shortest hiatus ever. I hope so, because I enjoy blogging immensely, and I'm just not feeling it right now.

Your pal,


rawbean said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Not cool. I totally understand the blog hiatus though as I have done it myself many times and have almost been on one permanently for like a year or so now - oops!

Anyways I'm super excited for you and your trip to Paris!

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The Grunt said...

I knew that achieving 1000+ posts would only bring unhappiness. I'm keeding, but I'm not kidding that I hope things work out for the best, whatever they are. Plus, you have another opportunity to visit Paris. Oh, and when you are there, can you find out why it is referred to as "gay"? I'm thinking it is a right-wing conspiracy. Don't be gone too long, ok?

wigsf3 said...

Yeah, I know Simpsons has really been tanking lately. It's put me in the shitter too.

@ The Grunt:

It's called "Gay Paris" because men dislike Paris and as is the way with men, we call things we hate "gay."

Claire said...

Will miss your posts, but understand of course. Hope things are better soon and that you have a wonderful, wonderful time in Paris. Love you, sweet friend.

yrautca said...

Feel better soon. Blog hiatus is ok. Stay true. You know what that means.

Jocelyn said...

I'm going to miss your posts, but heal well. As you already know, Paris is magic, so I feel confident you will fare well :)

Jabba said...

Oh lady, I'm thinking of you. I thought it was unusual that you hadn't posted for over a week.
I hope everything is ok, but it sounds like you have some fantastic friends to help you through.

Aaron said...

Oh crap! I forgot to announce my blog hiatus when it started in November. I pledge to post something new as soon as you do. This doesn't mean much of anything, but hopefully this will be some marginal extra incentive to see a new post ASAP!

Siobhan said...

We'll miss you but take the time you need. xxx

Kevin said...

I'm a bit fan of blogging hiatus, as you're aware.
I would love to see your pics and post from the City of Lights though :)

P.S. Any thought on the Air Canada potential strike?

Miss Ash said...

Big hugs! You will have an amazing trip and I hope it re energizes you and gives you a sense of peace!

Jocelyn said...

Can you send me your e-mail please? In a comment or Thank you :)