Thursday, January 31, 2013


Exams are done and I'm free for the afternoon to go mark.  As is the tradition, a bunch of us like to use these free days for a nice pre-marking lunch.  However, we're all scattered around the building finishing up various tasks.  I hope this lunch actually happens.

(Note: I ate a bunch of food that I brought with me to tide me over until lunch.  Assuming we go somewhere with food I can eat.  Assuming we're out the door before I have to head to the gym.)

I'm taking a break from marking.  I have only 20 items to mark and then I can start on report cards.  And get ready for new classes on Monday.

I saw the movie "Argo" last night.  It was really good.  I knew that the movie had a happy ending since it's based on a true story, but I still found the movie stressful to watch.  Talk about a nail-biter.

Tomorrow I'm going to see my first concert of 2013.  It's Blue Rodeo playing at Massey Hall for their 25th anniversary.  I'm excited.

The rest of the weekend will be low key but busy.  I have yoga, cardio, and laundry to do.  In addition, we're going exploring for pizza on Sunday based upon this article.  There was a place with deep dish pizza that we wanted to try but it's closed on Sunday so we'll have to try another place.  

And can you believe it's the last day of January?  Man that month flew by!

Monday, January 28, 2013

And though the winter's advancing, we'll stay young, go dancing.

I had one of those weekends that was very rejuvenating for my body and my soul.

On Friday, I had a spa evening with one of my many friends from work.  I had an excellent massage that worked out all of the kinks from the weights, bootcamp yoga, and cardio I've been doing lately.  I had some awful kinks in my shoulders, and I'm glad to say they're gone.  I also got a facial, which is always super relaxing and the key to good skin (or so I've been told).

After the spa, my friend and I went for dinner and drinks in the neighbourhood.  It's always fun spending some one-on-one time with someone who you've only hung out with in a group setting before.  Yay for strengthening friendships, spas, dinners, and drinks!

On Saturday I slept in, and went to the gym for some cardio and yoga.  Thankfully, it was not bootcamp yoga this week, and I felt that the class nicely complemented my massage.  My body felt great after the class!

I then headed out on the 501 Queen streetcar to the Lakeshore part of Etobicoke (i.e. the west part of Toronto) for the rest of the weekend.  Saturday night was dinner, wine, and a movie in.  I now can finally say that I've seen "The Dark Knight Rises".  I love the Batman movies, and can't believe I missed that one in theatres this summer.  Oh wait, I can believe it - I was super busy all summer!

Sunday was a beautiful sunny winter day.  We went for brunch in the morning, which was awesome, because I ate my cheat meal.  I had a massive waffle covered in fruit and whipped cream.  It was AMAZING.

We then went for a really nice winter walk along the lake shore since it was so sunny.  It was a little bit chilly, and we could have stayed out longer, but one silly girl was wearing her purple chucks on her feet and they were getting cold.  I got some pictures though.

Skyline, snow, ice, and lake:

The ice chunks on the surface of the lake were pretty neat looking.  I loved the sound they made as they clinked in the water.

How all the birds don't get cold, I'll never know.   Oh wait, I do... their feathers provide them with waterproofing and mad insulation.  Lucky ducks.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend.  I woke up to a Monday with sleet, freezing rain, and lots of ice and melting snow.  I liked Sunday better.  Couldn't winter just say like that?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things that make everything better.

1) Tea --> tonight it was Love Tea #7 from David's Tea, of course.  Dark chocolate, strawberries and rose petals.  Now I'm having some Mint Chocolate Rooibos. 

2) Mail --> In the past month, I've been getting a lot of awesome snail mail from friends.  Yesterday, my friend Melly from Winnipeg set me these super cute mini-magnets of pictures of me.  They were taken a year ago when my pal Matt was in town for Los Campesinos! and Melly, who then lived in Kingston, came and joined us.  It's great having a crafty friend to immortalize your good times in magnet form.

3) My nails are in the above picture as a way to show you the size of the magnets, but the are also worth mentioning because they are awesome.  I got them Shellacked, which is a brand of hardcore nail polish that is supposed to last for 14 days without chipping.  I got them done on Monday, and they still look perfect.  Why I didn't splurge on Shellac earlier is beyond me.

4) Previewing the new Tegan and Sara album tonight on CBC Music is making my evening.  I'm on my second listen and I'm in love with this album.  I can't wait for them to announce a Toronto show.

5) Spa day tomorrow after school.  I've been looking forward to this.  My new exercise regime has been giving my body quite the pounding, so I can't wait for a massage.

6) Cuddly cats - Rilo is seriously the biggest cuddler ever.  Yesterday I was lying on my couch watching some TV on the Internet she planted herself right by me, so I took advantage of PhotoBooth and got a nice roommate portrait of the two of us.

7) It's so close to the weekend!  Hope you all have great ones!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Click click saddle up see you on the moon then.

After the previous weekend of doing a whole lot of nothing, this weekend was more of my usual pace.

On Friday night, I met up with my friend Elaine for sushi (well sashimi for the person who's off grains) and tea, and then met up with my coworker Alan (the Alan who's a movie buff) to see a late show of Les Miserables.  He'd seen it before, but was planning on seeing it a second time so I joined him.  (I hadn't seen it yet.)  I really loved the first half of the movie, but found that I didn't connect as much with the second half because I thought the love story between Cosette and Marius was weak.  Also, the movie was super long and I could have used an intermission... the advantages of theatre over cinema, huh?

On Saturday, I slept in, then went to a yoga class (the same one I went to last weekend), and it turned out that instructor likes to do a yoga bootcamp every once in awhile, and guess what, it was bootcamp time!  We used handweights during some of the positions, and there were push-ups during the sun salutations.  Ugh... not what I was expecting, but I worked up a good sweat. 

That evening I decided to join Alan-the-movie-buff again because he was seeing the movie Quartet (directed by Dustin Hoffman).  Boy, did I feel young in that theatre; most of the audience were my parents' age!  However, the movie was pleasant with beautiful music so I enjoyed myself.

I was up early for a run on Sunday, then I headed off to my friend Fea's daughter's first birthday party.  Fea is a legend when it comes to parties, so when invited, one must attend.  The cake was AMAZING.  So glad I get a cheat meal every now and then.  After the party, I Skyped with Becca T.  It was great catching up with her.

And now it's another week.  It's the last week of classes for this semester.  When it comes to my teaching load, it's the easiest semester I've ever had since I've got the same course periods 1 & 4.  That rarely happens when you teach in a small school.  I've enjoyed it.  Also, all of my kids this semester are great.  I could handle this semester going on for the rest of the year.  The next one will be more work.  Oh well, the light load was good while it lasted.

Hope you all have great weeks!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This makes me oh-so-happy.

A friend of mine posted the above on Facebook.  It makes me so happy.  Oh yes, Mr. T. Rex, you would be unstoppable if you had those grabby claw things.

Seriously, next time I go sad or emo, could someone redirect me to this?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random Post.

1) I haven't finished a single book this year and it's halfway through January already.  I think I knocked myself out last year.

2) I am SO into David's Tea.  My current morning favourite is Chocolate Rocket - it's got chocolate, almonds, and raspberries.  You can really taste the raspberries.  It's classified as a "stimulant" - i.e. lots of caffeine.  My evening favourite is cookie dough; it's only low caffeine and doesn't mess with my sleeping.

3) I haven't had any white sugar since last Monday.  Can you believe it?  I also started with my personal trainer last week.  I like him, thank goodness.  The first two sessions were more about doing some assessments and slowing easing into things.  Today was a little bit more kickass.  I did pull-ups people, pull-ups.  Luckily it was with this neat machine that subtracts some of your body weight for you, but still.  Pull-ups.

On his advice, I'm easing into a paleolithic diet - lots of meats, eggs, nuts, veggies, and a bit of fruit.  No grains.  I haven't eaten a grain since last Friday!  However, I feel pretty good without them.

Luckily though, I do get a cheat meal once a week.  My first will be on Sunday, when I go to a birthday party for my friend Fea's daughter.  My friend Fea is the best party planner in the world (and I'm not exaggerating) so there will be quite the spread of food and baking.  I was kind of dreading it, thinking I'd have to stick to the veggie plate, and the roast pig.  When I told my trainer about it he let me in on the cheat meal secret.  Yay!

You may wonder why I am doing this.  Well, I want to build muscle, run faster, lose some weight, and be stronger.  Just a few more pull-ups and I'll be there.

4) I really like when someone makes you a thoughtful mixed-CD.  That rocks.

5) My favourite record label, Arts & Crafts, announced that they are doing a super awesome 10th anniversary show in June called Field Trip.  Feist and a reunited Broken Social Scene are going to be there with a slew of awesome bands.  So am I, obviously.  Thanks for the heads up Siobhan!  It's going to be epic.  (And I'm not throwing around that word in this case.)

6) I really enjoy my classes this semester.  We have less than two weeks together now.  I realize that I need to savour my time with them.  I had this realization while they were writing one of my legendary nine-page tests.  I give because I love.

7) You know, since I've been off white sugar, I've been in a great mood.  On Monday, a kid looked at me and said "Miss, why are you so happy?  It's Monday!"  I don't think that has ever happened.

8) I've also been trying to sleep more.  Like at least seven hours every night.  That could be helping too.

9) Well, I think I'm going to curl up with some tea and read a bit.  I don't want 2013 to go down as the year I couldn't even finish one book, ha-ha.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chill weekend.

I had the most relaxing weekend that I've had in a long time.  I caught up on sleep, watched some Netflix, drank a lot of tea, ran a few small errands, went to yoga, did some cardio, and picked up a lot of healthy groceries.

Okay, whenever you inventory what you did in a weekend, it seems like it was more than it actually was.

It's been a nice weekend.  I like how life slows down a bit in January.  It's needed.

Hope the rest of you had relaxing weekends too.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Washington, DC.

Time for a DC trip re-cap.  I'm going to do it mostly in pictures, even though one of my favourite pictures** is corrupted and won't import from my camera to my computer.

It's pretty exciting when you get to DC and see your first view of the Capitol.  We took many pictures of it.

I'm definitely a big Smithsonian fan.  Confession: before the trip I thought that the Smithsonian was one museum, not a group of them.  We managed to do five of them in detail.  First on the docket was the Air and Space Museum which was good.  Here's the original Wright Brothers' plane.  Cool, huh?

Next was the Museum of Natural History, which is my favourite kind of museum.  Here's a picture of me all excited to enter the Hall of Mammals.  This picture is for AlieMalie, who knows how excited I get about a good mammal exhibition.

However, I think my favourite part of this museum was the gemstone room aka the Hall of Shiny Things.  Here's the Hope Diamond! 

After closing down the museums, we decided to take a sunset walk to the Lincoln Memorial, passing by the Washington Monument, who I nicknamed Ol' Evil Eyes.  Seriously, those red lights are creepy, don't you think?

My DC guidebook said to be sure to see the Lincoln Memorial both during the daylight and at night.  It was right.

Ol' Evil Eyes looks far less creepy from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Love the reflecting pool.

Here's Abe.  Hey - congrats to him on all of those Oscar noms today!

Our hotel was really close to the White House, so we got a great look at it at night.

Normally, you'd also have a great view of the White House from our hotel's street.  However, it was currently blocked with the Inauguration stage as you can see from this picture.  That's okay though; all you had to do was walk around the stage to see the house.  It was pretty neat seeing them set up for the Inaguration.

 There were spectator benches going up all over the streets.

Day 2 included more museums.  I said "Let's not do the Museum of American History.  Sounds dull."  My friend Heather said "I read they have Kermit the Frog there."  My reply: "We are going there NOW."  And I found my Kermie!

Ironically, the museum that I wanted to skip turned out to be my favourite.   I especially loved the First Ladies' inauguration gowns on display.  Here's Michelle Obama's.

We then took a stroll through the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery.  Here's my favourite sculpture.

After that it was off to the MASSIVE National Gallery.  It's huge, and will take it out of you.  I loved this shot that I took of a portrait of Napoleon from across the hall.  I got this postcard for my dad, since he's the biggest Napoleon fan ever.

 We took a day off of museums on our third day.  We went to the Eastern Market for amazing blueberry pancakes.  Yum!

We also went to a crazy used bookstore called Capitol Hill books. Every available surface in the place was filled with books, and the owner had snarky hand-written signs everywhere.  It was hilarious.  It made me think of bookstore shopping with Jabba in Victoria.  She's gotta find this store if she is ever in DC!

Then we walked to the National Library of Congress which is a gorgeous building.  The reading room is incredible, but they don't allow you to take pictures of it.  Here's some of the inside architecture.

We took the subway to Georgetown, which is an awesome, but pricey, shopping district.  I actually didn't find much to buy which was OK since I'd been spending most of my money on amazing food and wine during the trip.  Experiences, not possessions, right?

For our last meal in DC we returned to the Capitol Hill neighbourhood and went to a wine bar where we polished off a bottle of wine from Sonoma (shout out to my 2008 San Fran trip!), a yummy cheese plate, steaks the size of our faces, and I had a glass of dessert wine that changed my life.  We decided to walk home along the National mall at night to our hotel (at least 2 miles) which I'm proud to say that I managed to do in heels.  Awesome work Christielli.

It was worth it, because we got to see the Capitol at night in the reflecting pool.

After surviving the walk, we had a couple of glasses of champagne in our hotel lobby and got ready for our last day in DC.  We had a 7 pm flight leaving on Sunday.

We decided to head to Lincoln Memorial for a daytime view.  Here's me with Ol' Evil Eyes, looking less evil during the day.

We had all of these plans to go Arlington Cemetery, and see the Jefferson Monument to satisfy my love of old obscure Simpsons references but everything seemed to far away and we were tired from holidaying hard.  Instead, we headed to National Portrait Gallery which was highly enjoyable.  I especially liked all of the presidential portraits.  Here's JFK.

 After that, we had one last meal, and then it was off to the airport and back to Toronto and real life started back the next day. 

I had a great trip though.  I really like DC.  I'd never really thought of going there, but it turned out to be the perfect mini-getaway.  And as you can see from the pics, we had excellent weather! Sunshine everyday, and warm enough for me to wear my fall coat. 

** My favourite picture was taken on the last day of our trip, while we were on the steps of the Lincoln memorial.  We saw three helicopters fly to the White House, one which would have Obama returning from his Hawaiian vacation.  I got a picture of them in the blue sky, but it's not working.  Oh well, if that's the worst thing that happens to me on vacation, I'm a pretty lucky girl.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I need to blog about my great trip to DC...

... but there are dishes in the sink.  And I need to go through my photos.  And I'm trying to get to bed at a good time, so I only have 27 minutes.

Weekend blogging burst perhaps?

(Trust that I had a great trip though.  It was fabulous.  Lots of walking, sightseeing, fabulous museums, and delicious food.  A great way to ring in a new year.)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Give me younger us.

I realize that I've written very little about my holidays so far.

I spent about a week in Stratford with my parents.  I would have stayed a shorter time, but the Go9 annual Christmas party was scheduled for Dec. 29th, so I had to stick around for that.  And good that I did!  All nine of us made it, even the ones from as far away as Sturgeon Falls (Northern-ish Ontario) and Utah (!!).  We haven't had all nine together in one room in a long time.  Anyway, the party was worth the longer stay in Stratford and missing my own space and going a little stir-crazy.

I came back to Toronto and had a bit of time to spend with Rilo and her keeper.  Then my pal Vern (Go9) came down for a very nice New Year's Eve.  I had the foresight to make us mani-pedi appointments at my favourite neighbourhood nail salon.  They kindly gave us each three glasses of wine, on top of pretty nails.  We then wandered to the grocery store, picked up ingredients for dinner, and a bottle of sparkling wine.  We drank more, make a delicious and healthy dinner, and had some downtime before we went out to the Young Empires show at Lee's Palace.  The show was fun, we drank some more. We even did a shot of bourbon. 2012 was the year of bourbon for me. Ironically we didn't ask for it, but just a shot of something and bourbon it was.  After the show we had pizza and that was our NYE.  It was definitely one of the better ones I've had because I had no expectations other than having fun with a good friend and seeing some fun dance rock.

Yesterday I visited with a friend, and then had a chill night at home.  Today I spent my morning in bed watching episodes of Community on Netflix, then went to the gym, ran some errands, and I've been doing some housework.  My friend Heather will be here soon, and we leave for Washington DC early tomorrow morning.  Our flight leaves at 7 am, so I think it will be an early wake-up.  And I haven't even packed yet.  I've just been enjoying some quiet time.

I've been thinking a lot about the year that was 2012.  It was a difficult year for me, but I did a lot of awesome things:
  • I spent an awesome week in Paris with my pal Becca T
  • I ran my first 10 K, my first 8K, and three 5 K races (in total I ran 523 km in 2012)
  • I went to 29 concerts
  • I read 54 books
  • I visited with blog friends in Winnipeg, Chicago/Minneapolis, Vancouver & Victoria and had some visit me here in Toronto too! 
  • I did the Grouse Grind!!!
  • I traveled a lot during the summer.  I drove a Mini Cooper convertible around Vancouver Island and that was so much fun.
  • I visited a long-lost university friend for a few days in Courtenay B.C.
  • I taught some amazing classes and accomplished a lot of good stuff at work
  • I signed up to go build a school in Kenya in August 2013.  All of the prep work I've done for the trip so far has been very rewarding.
  • I spent a lot of great time with friends and family; even if with some it's more Skype conversations or tweets than real-time
  • I listened to Stars' song "Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give Love" so many times.  That was my 2012 song.
Even though I wanted to say a huge dramatic goodbye to 2012, I realize that it turned out to be a great year for me, and what didn't kill me did make me stronger.  And made me go out with a vengeance and have more fun and challenge myself.

My goals for 2013 are mostly health-related.  I start with my personal trainer next Tuesday.  After DC, I'm cleaning up my diet.  I've signed up for the Sporting Life 10K again, and I want to beat last year's time.  And of course, I've got Kenya in August and I'm excited for that.  I'm looking forward to strengthening some personal relationships in my life, yet not stressing or worrying about stupid stuff. 

It's gonna be a good year.

See you all after DC.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My Year in Lists: 2012 Reading

A few years ago I resolved to read 52 books in a year (a rate of one book per week), and I did not succeed.  Quickly frankly, the experience lead me to believe that it was a goal that I wouldn't be able to achieve until I retire.

Initially this year I made it my goal to read 30 books, and I used Goodreads to help me track my goal.  At one point, I noticed that I was way ahead of the pace of reading 30 books.  I was going through some stressful stuff, and I found the only way to get out of my head was to read, hence I was reading A LOT more than I usually did.  I realized that I was on pace for a book-a-week, so I changed my 2012 reading goal.

And I made it!  Even though my stress disappeared, I made it a priority to keep going with this goal.  I even surpassed it.  I read 54 books this year.  Yay me!  That was 18,073 pages in case anyone is wondering.

I mainly read contemporary books.  A lot of the books I read in 2012 were indeed published in 2012.  Some of the best included Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, The Chaperone by Laura Moriarity,  Gold by Chris Cleave, The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, and Y by Marjorie Celona. 

For 2013, I'll aim to read 30 books.  I don't think I'll ever be able to equal the book-a-week pace again (until retirement) and I might branch into some more "difficult" reads.  I have some longer books and some classics kicking around that I might tackle now that I'm into a new year.

For posterity, here's the list of books from my incredible year of reading.

  • 54) Y - Marjorie Celona (excellent)
  • 53) A Week in Winter - Maeve Binchy (sweet and charming)
  • 52) The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky (warm & heartfelt)
  • 51) The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker (good)
  • 50) On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves (entertaining)
  • 49) The Fault in Our Stars - John Green (excellent)
  • 48) The Light Between Oceans - M.L. Stedman (amazing)
  • 47) Moranthology - Caitlin Moran (OK)
  • 46) Love Anthony - Lisa Genova (pretty good)
  • 45) Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn (super dark but OK)
  • 44) The Casual Vacancy - J.K. Rowling (okay)
  • 43) Dark Places - Gillian Flynn (okay)
  • 42) The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald (what can I say? It's a classic.)
  • 41) What Teachers Make - Taylor Mali (inspirational... a must read for all educators)
  • 40) Gold - Chris Cleave (amazing)
  • 39) Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn (fun, dark thriller)
  • 38) How To Be A Woman - Caitlin Moran (funny and thought-provoking)
  • 37) The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - Rachel Joyce (very sweet)
  • 36) Behind the Beautiful Forevers - Katherine Boo (amazing)
  • 35) Memoir of An Addicted Brain - Marc Lewis (okay)
  • 34) I Don't Care About Your Band - Julie Klausner (fluffy yet funny)
  • 33) The Rules of Civility - Amor Towles (excellent!)
  • 32) State of Wonder - Ann Patchett (good)
  • 31) All That is Bitter and Sweet - Ashley Judd (inspiring)
  • 30) The Next Best Thing - Jennifer Weiner (meh)
  • 29) The Chaperone - Laura Moriarity (amazing)
  • 28) The Accident - Linwood Barclay (meh)
  • 27) Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother - Amy Chua (excellent!)
  • 26) Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey From Homeless to Harvard - Liz Murray (inspiring)
  • 25) Canada - Richard Ford (quite good)
  • 24) Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution - Michelle Moran (excellent!)
  • 23) Up the Down Staircase - Bel Kaufman (excellent!)
  • 22) The Weight of Water - Anita Shreve (quite good)
  • 21) That's How I Roll - Andrew Vachss (meh)
  • 20) Left Neglected - Lisa Genova (good)
  • 19) The Beginner's Goodbye - Anne Tyler (Tyler's writing is always lovely)
  • 18) Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir - Jenny Lawson (hilarious and fun!)
  • 17) The Dovekeepers - Alice Hoffman (excellent)
  • 16) Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail - Cheryl Strayed (excellent!)
  • 15) Winter's Bone - Daniel Woodrell (good)
  • 14) Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins (awesome sequel)
  • 13) The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins (believe the hype!)
  • 12) The Land of Decoration - Grace McCleen (okay)
  • 11) The Winter Palace - Eva Stachniak (quite good)
  • 10) The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen (a bit depressing, but I liked the ending)
  • 9) The Virgin Cure - Ami McKay (good)
  • 8) Fall to Pieces: A Memoir of Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, and Mental Illness - Mary Forsberg Weiland (meh)
  • 7) Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (okay)
  • 6) Heft - Liz Moore (excellent)
  • 5) Stories I Only Tell My Friends - Rob Lowe (okay)
  • 4) Alone in the Classroom - Elizabeth Hay (beautifully written but slow)
  • 3) A Visit From the Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan (different but I enjoyed it)
  • 2) The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern (magical)
  • 1) Then Came You - Jennifer Weiner (quite good)

My Year in Lists: 2012 Concerts

I think 2012 will go down as the year I went to the most concerts ever.  I went to 29.  I don't think I can top that.  It's hard work seeing so many shows! 

I saw many of my absolute favourite artists this year, some more than once: Los Campesinos!, John K Samson of the Weakerthans (3x), Kathleen Edwards (2x), The Joel Plaskett Emergency (2x), Feist, Stars (2x), Ben Folds Five (reunion tour!), Sloan, and Hawksley Workman.

I also discovered some new artists this year too.  Standout new-to-me live acts from the past year are Rose Cousins, Patrick Watson, Fiona Apple, Beach House, and Rich Aucoin.

My absolute favourite show was, without a doubt, Sloan's "Twice Removed" album show from November.  It's rather memorable seeing a great band play your favourite album of theirs in its entirety and then treat you to an excellent second set of other material.

I love that I closed out 2012 and brought in 2013 with a show.  I saw Young Empires at Lee's Palace (fave TO concert location) and it was a really fun show.  The perfect end to a music-filled year.

Happy 2013 and here's to many more shows!

For posterity, here's my list of 2012 concerts.
  • Jan. 21st - Los Campesinos! @ Lee's Palace
  • Jan. 24th - John K. Samson @ Soundscapes
  • Jan. 31st - Jack's Mannequin @ The Sound Academy
  • Feb. 11th - Kathleen Edwards @ The Phoenix
  • March 22nd - John K. Samson @ The Great Hall
  • May 3rd - Rose Cousins @ The Rivoli
  • May 18th - Joel Plaskett Emergency at Queen Elizabeth Theatre
  • May 29th - Patrick Watson @ Danforth Music Hall
  • June 10th - Rufus Wainwright @ Luminato
  • June 16th - Dan Mangan & Kathleen Edwards @ Luminato
  • June 17th - Ohbijou @ Luminato
  • July 4th - Winnipeg Folk Festival with Snow Blink, James Vincent McMorrow, and FEIST
  • July 10th - Fiona Apple @ The Chicago Theatre
  • July 21st - Best Coast @ The Phoenix
  • Aug. 10/11 - Wolfe Island Music Festival
  • Sept. 6th - John K Samson @ 918 Bathurst
  • Sept 12th - Stars @ Masonic Temple
  • Sept. 20th - Rich Aucoin @ Lee's Palace
  • Oct. 13th - Beach House @ Kool Haus
  • Oct. 15th - Ben Folds Five @ Kool Haus
  • Oct. 25th - Dan Mangan and the Rural Alberta Advantage @ Danforth Music Hall
  • Oct. 26th - Wildnerness of Manitoba @ Trinity-St. Paul's
  • Nov. 1st - Die Antwoord @ Sound Academy
  • Nov. 22nd - Sloan @ The Phoenix (Twice Removed Tour!)
  • Nov. 24th - Metric & Stars @ Air Canada Centre
  • Dec 6th - Patrick Watson @ Massey Hall
  • Dec. 12th - Hawksley Workman @ Trinity-St. Paul's
  • Dec. 16th - The Joel Plaskett Emergency @ The Horseshoe Tavern
  • Dec. 31st - Young Empires @ Lee's Palace