Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Give me younger us.

I realize that I've written very little about my holidays so far.

I spent about a week in Stratford with my parents.  I would have stayed a shorter time, but the Go9 annual Christmas party was scheduled for Dec. 29th, so I had to stick around for that.  And good that I did!  All nine of us made it, even the ones from as far away as Sturgeon Falls (Northern-ish Ontario) and Utah (!!).  We haven't had all nine together in one room in a long time.  Anyway, the party was worth the longer stay in Stratford and missing my own space and going a little stir-crazy.

I came back to Toronto and had a bit of time to spend with Rilo and her keeper.  Then my pal Vern (Go9) came down for a very nice New Year's Eve.  I had the foresight to make us mani-pedi appointments at my favourite neighbourhood nail salon.  They kindly gave us each three glasses of wine, on top of pretty nails.  We then wandered to the grocery store, picked up ingredients for dinner, and a bottle of sparkling wine.  We drank more, make a delicious and healthy dinner, and had some downtime before we went out to the Young Empires show at Lee's Palace.  The show was fun, we drank some more. We even did a shot of bourbon. 2012 was the year of bourbon for me. Ironically we didn't ask for it, but just a shot of something and bourbon it was.  After the show we had pizza and that was our NYE.  It was definitely one of the better ones I've had because I had no expectations other than having fun with a good friend and seeing some fun dance rock.

Yesterday I visited with a friend, and then had a chill night at home.  Today I spent my morning in bed watching episodes of Community on Netflix, then went to the gym, ran some errands, and I've been doing some housework.  My friend Heather will be here soon, and we leave for Washington DC early tomorrow morning.  Our flight leaves at 7 am, so I think it will be an early wake-up.  And I haven't even packed yet.  I've just been enjoying some quiet time.

I've been thinking a lot about the year that was 2012.  It was a difficult year for me, but I did a lot of awesome things:
  • I spent an awesome week in Paris with my pal Becca T
  • I ran my first 10 K, my first 8K, and three 5 K races (in total I ran 523 km in 2012)
  • I went to 29 concerts
  • I read 54 books
  • I visited with blog friends in Winnipeg, Chicago/Minneapolis, Vancouver & Victoria and had some visit me here in Toronto too! 
  • I did the Grouse Grind!!!
  • I traveled a lot during the summer.  I drove a Mini Cooper convertible around Vancouver Island and that was so much fun.
  • I visited a long-lost university friend for a few days in Courtenay B.C.
  • I taught some amazing classes and accomplished a lot of good stuff at work
  • I signed up to go build a school in Kenya in August 2013.  All of the prep work I've done for the trip so far has been very rewarding.
  • I spent a lot of great time with friends and family; even if with some it's more Skype conversations or tweets than real-time
  • I listened to Stars' song "Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give Love" so many times.  That was my 2012 song.
Even though I wanted to say a huge dramatic goodbye to 2012, I realize that it turned out to be a great year for me, and what didn't kill me did make me stronger.  And made me go out with a vengeance and have more fun and challenge myself.

My goals for 2013 are mostly health-related.  I start with my personal trainer next Tuesday.  After DC, I'm cleaning up my diet.  I've signed up for the Sporting Life 10K again, and I want to beat last year's time.  And of course, I've got Kenya in August and I'm excited for that.  I'm looking forward to strengthening some personal relationships in my life, yet not stressing or worrying about stupid stuff. 

It's gonna be a good year.

See you all after DC.


Claire said...

It's going to be a great year, honey :) Here's to reading all about it!

Jabba said...

Here's to another great year of friendship! Have a blast on your mini vacation! Meanwhile, I had to go back to work today, man did that suck

Siobhan said...

I love your summary of 2012. And your plans for 2013 - I feel good about this year.

The Grunt said...

Lol! I first skimmed down to your list and thought you'd accomplished all of that over the holiday break.

Happy New Year!

Miss Ash said...

You've accomplished so much this year it must feel very rewarding!

And what spa gives out wine....?