Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What I've Got.

1) A good night's sleep last night, thankfully.

2) An awesome friend who sends me "at-home" postcards.  Got one today showing the Yonge & Bloor intersection in 1918.  The city's changed.  Postcards might not be hip or all over the fashion blogs, but I'll always take substance over style.

3) Freshly-shellacked nails. (I may be addicted.)

4) A new turntable.  My birthday's coming up, and after such a shitty night, I decided I should get my gift from myself early.  It's a retro portable turntable in a green and cream-coloured case.  So not only is it for the listening of music, it's decorative too!  I'll take a picture later.  The first album I listened to was Stars' The North and now I'm onto John K. Samson's Provincial.  Indie rock forever.

5) New classes that look okay so far.  My friend overhead some grade 9s in her class saying that I was "tough".  Good.  That's the rumour I want going around.


wigsf3 said...

Well yeah students think you're tough. Pretty sure word got around since you starting teaching in dominatrix leather.

Siobhan said...

I'm so glad you got sleep. I had a rough night last night and all I want tonight is to sleep.

Those "at-home" postcards sound cool to me.

I need to try shellack. My nails always chip but I've heard good things about shellack.

I am deeply jeaous of your record player. Deeply.

Glad your new classes look good too. xx

Jabba said...

I'm jealous of your record player too! I have a friend who has the entire Rolling Stones collection on vinyl and he's looking to give them away - aaarrrghghg! If only we had a house with more space! Do post a photo!

Aaron said...

Love old pictures of places you know...there's a regular article on The Record site of ones here in the tri-cities.

I found that the 'tough' teachers were always my best teachers.