Monday, February 25, 2013


Winter's a weird thing.  I find myself wishing it would stay and wishing it would go away at the same time.

I love wrapping myself up in my parka, or my long wool coat, and choosing a pair of warm mittens, a scarf, and a silly toque.  I love tucking my leggings into knee socks and slipping my feet into my warm waterproof boots.  If it's a nice dry day like today, it's great keeping warm and walking the streets.  I love coming home, curling up in a hoodie, drinking tea and reading a book.

However, at the same time, I am so tired of snowstorms, then warm spells which make the snow melt and cover the streets in puddles of slush.  I'm tired of chapped lips and dry skin.  I'm tired of having to watch the weather, just in case there's need for me to leave for work early.

I want winter to stay and I want it to go.

Either way it will leave... and then come back again.


Jabba said...

I love winter too - for all the same reasons! A little part of me dies each year when I venture out for the first time without a scart (usually in late May or June on the island).
Lately I've been eyeing all the cute dresses in my closet and thinking about how fun it is wearing them and pining for summer too.

Siobhan said...

I always am ready for Spring by the time it arrives and desperate for Autumn and Winter by the time they get here too. I love seasons. I am very grateful for them.