Sunday, March 24, 2013

This is a race to the end and I don't intend to win it baby.

I don't think I've gone to two rock shows (in a standing venue) two nights in a row for a long time.  It takes a toll on your body, especially when you have a job and and full exercise on social schedule on top of it.  It really took it out of me and I was exhausted on Friday.

Stars put on two great shows.  It was hard to determine which was the "better" show.  My pal Karen, who went to both shows with me, and I debated which was the better show and the results are inconclusive.  We enjoyed Wednesday's crowd more, but that could have been that we were closer to the front.  Both set-lists had great songs and moments.  Anyway, I guess it goes to show you that when a favourite band does a two-night stint in your town, go to both because they will both be great.

Thursday's show was also super cool because I finally met Miss Ash after years of blog friendship! We met up for the show for a great dinner.  We ended up losing each other at the show (crowded venue) but it looks like another hangout is in our future!  I'm so glad that I got to meet another super cool blog friend IRL.

The weekend was great.  I met up with long-lost friends both on Friday and Saturday.  Today I did some shopping, and ended up watching Forrest Gump, which I hadn't seen in years.  That movie still makes me cry!

Well, it's late on Sunday night and tomorrow is another work day.  But it's short week.  Woo-hoo!  :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Staycation came and went.

I got very little accomplished from the goal list, except for drinking lots of tea.

I was a recluse a bit for three days (except for going to the gym).  I think I needed it.  I unplugged, read, talked on the phone, napped, drank tea, and then napped a bit more.

Thursday through Sunday I resumed to my usual jam-packed schedule.  I think the alone time made me appreciate social time, and vice versa.

The housework can wait.

This week promises to be busy.  Sushi plans tomorrow night.  Houseguest on Tuesday.  Evenings of Sex & Death with Stars (!) on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  (That's two Stars' concerts in a row.  Both with unique set-lists for superfans.)  Plans with friends the entire weekend.

Yup, it's great that I had three days in a row with nothing. Wish the staycation was longer lived.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't blog when tired...

... or you'll accidentally delete your previous post, which was your record of your upcoming staycation goals.

Thank goodness I was able to find the post in an internet cache, so I can copy and paste it below, and it won't be lost.  I would have forgotten my goals!

Anyway, my weekend before staycation has been lots of fun with dinners out with friends, sleeping in, dinners in, a good indoor run, a nice walk around High Park in spring-like weather, and an evening watching old music videos from the 90s.

Tomorrow, reaching my staycation goals commenses.

RECOVERED POST: ALMOST STAYCATION  (Thursday March 7th @ 9:20 pm)

One work day left.

Tonight I treated myself to some staycation treats: a new book (even though I keep swearing I'm going to stop buying books), the Spring Collection from David's Tea, and a dark organic fair-trade chocolate bar with almonds and coconut.  (I'm allowed dark chocolate in moderation on my crazy hunter-gatherer diet.)

Anyway, I've been spending my time thinking about what I want to do during my staycation.  I have to be careful - the flood of social requests is coming in!  I def want to catch up with people, but I need some me time for sure.

Some of my staycation goals are:

  • Drink obscene amounts of tea.  Hence the Spring Collection.
  • Organize my bookshelf.
  • Get rid of expired cosmetics/toiletries hiding in my bathroom cabinets.
  • Shred old mail that I've hidden away in shoeboxes over the years.
That's enough on the cleaning front, don't you think?
  • Go to a movie in the afternoon.
  • Read two books.
  • Complete at least one Skype date.
  • Sleep in at least twice during the week.
  • Keep up with my exercise & diet regimen.
I think those are enough goals.  If I can get those things done I'll be a happy staycation girl.   I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Weekend Recap & Forthcoming Staycation

Part 1: Weekend Recap

I had a really great weekend.  On Friday, I went for a nice run, did a little bit of shopping, came home and did some laundry and housework and then relaxed with a nice glass of wine.

On Saturday, I woke up early, but not too early, for a morning weight-lifting class.  Then I went out for an INSANE cheat brunch.  I went to a diner in my neighbourhood called Uncle Betty's where I had their EPIC grilled cheese sandwich.  I'm not throwing around the word epic in this case.  It had a couple of kinds of cheese, macaroni & cheese, meatloaf, and I also added bacon to the mess.  When I cheat, I cheat.  I even had a full-sugar coke, which I never drink.  After that, I had dessert, because when I cheat, I cheat.  Dessert was an ice cream sandwich made with a donut (made fresh on the premises), with Greg's Roasted Marshmallow ice cream, which is pretty much the best ice cream on the planet.  So good.

And I didn't even feel ill after that.  I credit it to aforementioned weight-lifting.

(Aside - wigsf: I really think you should go to this diner one day.  It's up your alley for sure.)

Anyway, after brunch we saw Life of Pi, which is a spectacular movie.  I really enjoyed it, and highly recommend it.  I've not read the book.  I own it, and started in a couple of times years ago, but upon seeing the movie, I'm going to make another attempt.  (My not getting into it has nothing to do with the book; just my mind frame at the time.  You know how sometimes you just can't get into books?)  The movie has amazing CGI and is incredibly visually spectacular.  Ang Lee really deserved the Best Director Oscar for sure.

After the movie, I got some groceries and had a massive salad and some wine for dinner.  I fell asleep watching SNL, as is kind of usual these days.  I'm getting old.

Today I had a Kenya meeting in the morning.  I got home for lunch, had a little nap, then headed down to Kensington Market to get my hair cut.  I also went to the Sonic Boom vinyl-only store with the rule I was allowed to pick up *one* record.  I got the xx's Coexist.  It's super mellow.  I've been listening to it as I made a delicious stir-fry for dinner. 

In summary exercise + shopping + gluttony + movie + vinyl + haircut + wine = great weekend.  Heck, I even had time to finish the schlocky book I was reading.

Part 2: Forthcoming Staycation

This is the last week of work before March Break.  As you guys may remember, I've gone to Europe for my last three March Breaks.

March Break 2010 - Paris + Nice
March Break 2011 - Barcelona + London
March Break 2012 - Paris (with side trip to Bruges)

Oh man, those were the times.

However, since I've been paying bi-monthly deposits to my Kenya trip, I don't feel comfy dropping cash on a European March Break.  I also thought that I could visit my parents for a bit.

I was chatting with my mom tonight on the phone, trying to figure out when to fit in my trip to Stratford.  I was invited to a party on Saturday, and I kind of what to keep with my Tuesday/Thursday training sessions.  My mom pointed out that Easter is at the end of the month, and that it would be kind of silly to have two visits so close together.  Why not a staycation, she asked.

My mom is wise.

I realized that I have not spent a calm non-working week in Toronto in well over a year, if not more. If you recall, I booked myself SOLID this summer, and I'm always traveling from this place to that place.

I think a Toronto staycation is what I need, and I'm excited.  I'll catch up on housework, visits with friends, and I really should book in some Skype dates.  Maybe I'll even finally organize my bookshelf.

Thanks Mom for that suggestion.