Monday, February 24, 2014

Heavy rotation on the CBC.

Writing hasn't been coming to me easily at all lately.  I've though "oh goodness, I haven't blogged in awhile" but then realize that I'm not entirely sure what I'd even write about.

The past couple weekends and the days in between have been great though.  I had a nice birthday relaxing at the spa, doing a little shopping, and heading down to Stratford to visit my parents.  Last week, I had a packed social schedule, including a great Blue Rodeo show at Massey Hall with a friend who is recently back from teaching a semester in Italy. 

This past weekend was really busy too.  On Friday night, my friend Fea and I had a joint birthday party at a favourite neighbourhood restaurant.  I had a really nice Saturday hanging out in the city, and on Sunday, I went bridesmaids' dress shopping with my friend Wendy.  (I'm in her wedding.) I had to take the bus to Hamilton for this, but I did watch the hockey game live on my phone, and was really happy to see Canada repeat its hockey gold.

We got nice bridesmaids' dresses, which is great for me, because I'm going to wear mine in another wedding this summer.  I'm getting good value out of my dress.

The Olympics were super fun watch, eh?  This year, I wasn't feeling too excited about them, but then they happened at I had to go out and buy the new mittens and Canada sweater etc.  I'm such a nerd.

I just remembered that my favourite awful TV show is on tonight: The Bachelor.  This is great news, because I bought myself some fancy new wine glasses for my birthday, so it's the perfect time to open a bottle of my favourite Portuguese red and try them out.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Still pretty good year. (Birthday edition.)

Tomorrow is my last day of being 33.

I was comfortable with the number 33.  For some reason the number 34 feels a little surreal to me.  Maybe it's the fact that it marks the mathematical beginning of my mid-thirties.

I still like being in my thirties way better than being in my twenties.  I'm more confident, more willing to take risks, and more open.  But still, sometimes being more open and willing to take risks can lead to being hurt, which is exactly why I kept closed up a lot of the time in my twenties.

Regardless of my apprehension, 34 will come, and I'm certain it will be a good age.  I have a feeling things are on an upswing.

Usually for my birthday, I have a big dinner & drinks event for my friends but this year, I didn't feel like planning one.  Instead, I'm going to spend the day doing EXACTLY what I want.  I'm getting a massage, eating a free three-course meal at the spa, going shopping, and then taking the train home to visit my parents.  And I will have red wine on the train.  I don't think I need anything else.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Becca T left this morning.  :(  What a short but awesome visit with my bestie.  Last night after work I went to the Bay and bought us the 2014 Canadian Olympic mittens and we watched the Olympics (and The Bachelor... my shame) while wearing our mittens and drinking red wine.

We also did silly things like send our pal Mathew hints of jewelry we liked from the Tiffany website, and I swear, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

The good news is that I'll see her in exactly a month tomorrow.  I booked my Eurostar train from London to Paris for March Break, so hey, Paris here I officially come on March 12th!

Even though, I'm still feeling a bit mopey coming home to an empty house tonight.  Even Rilo seemed a little bit sad/concerned when I walked in.  She was very talkative, which is not usual for her.

Luckily, I have more Olympic to watch, and thanks to Siobhan for hooking me up with the new Beck song.  What great moping music!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Baby you're a firework.

I had a busy week getting used to a new semester.  Five days in, and I think that yet again I'm blessed with great classes, although I do miss my old ones.

On Thursday, I had a little bit of time to kill, so I started reading Robyn Doolittle's book on Mayor Rob Ford at a bookstore.  As you all know, it's a rather sordid dark affair riddled with addiction, crime, and corruption, and sorts nastiness.  Doolittle is one of the Toronto Star reporters who saw the infamous tape and was integral in breaking many of the scandals associated with our mayor, and she recently published this book.  I had no interest in reading it, but then I picked it up in the bookstore, started to read it, and it was quite the page-turner, so I bought it and finished it in three days.  There's not a whole lot there that I didn't know before, but reading it all together in one place makes me realize how it's crazy that this awful man with no ethics or integrity is mayor.  I used to feel sorry for him because he obviously has addictions and demons, but his stubbornness and unwillingness to do the right thing (i.e. step down), negates him from any sympathy in my books.

Anyway, I also watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics at my friend Mathew's house on Friday night.  He made a Russian goulash.  It was tasty, and watching the opening ceremonies was fun.

On Saturday I had a good sleep in, then sat on my couch and watched a good three hours of Olympics.  After which I got myself and my home ready for my dear Becca T's arrival!  We had a super fun evening: we caught up on music, funny things on YouTube, ordered Swiss Chalet, and watched the Katy Perry movie.

I had an excellent Sunday.  I went for brunch at a friend's house so I could see her house and her new baby.  Then I came home and went for a nice outdoor winter run in the snow.  Becca T and I met up with some friends for sushi for dinner.  What a nice day.

Oh, also on our walk home from sushi, I came across a February Metropass (monthly TTC pass, cost = $133.75) on the ground.  We ran up to the girl ahead of us on the street to see if it was hers, but it wasn't.  There was no one else around.  I feel bad when people lose things.  Anyway, Becca will be able to use it tomorrow to get around town, and then I'm going to give to a colleague at school to give to a student in financial need. 

That was my week/weekend.  As always, the weekends go so quickly!

Sunday, February 02, 2014

When you float like a cannonball.

Point form summary of the past few days:

1) The National is playing three shows at Massey Hall, and I was unaware.  Once I became aware, I checked and most of the tickets were sold out, but I could still find some decent single seats for one night.  I figured why not?, and bought one for myself.  I like taking myself on dates to see bands.

2) I got sick on Thursday.  I think it was food poisoning or something.  Anyway, I was lucky that we had a morning exam, and I left as soon as I could to go sleep.  I even had to cancel my usual Thursday workout.

3) Thankfully I felt better on Friday.  I had an exam on Friday morning, then spent the afternoon preparing for semester two. 

4) After school on Friday, my friend Fea and I went to the spa and then out for dinner afterwards.  It was really relaxing and really nice.

5) I got back into the winter running groove this weekend.  I did a short run (4.8 km) yesterday, and a long run (9.7 km) today.  My feet got wet, but I stayed warm.  I enjoyed both runs, and I'm thankful for the cemetery for being a great place to run; not a lot of slush builds up on cemetery pathways.

6) I finished all of my semester one marking last night at the neighbourhood Starbucks with my pal Fea.  Yay!

7) I scheduled a hair appointment for 4 pm today, but as I was hopping on the streetcar, my stylist called me to tell me he was running late, and asked if I could come in an hour later.  That meant I had an hour to kill in Kensington Market which was great!  I went to Fresh Collective, which is one of my favourite indie clothing stores.  They were having a massive sale, and I scored a dress and two pairs of really nice shoes (for spring though) all for about $100.  I saved over $324 off their full prices.  I can wear the new dress tomorrow but the shoes will have to wait.

8) After my hair cut, I stopped by the vinyl store Sonic Boom, and found a limited edition live album by Damien Rice.  He hasn't put out anything new in years and year (in fact he only has two very good LPs to his name), but the one time I saw him (in the fall of 2007) was one of my favourite shows ever.  Anyway, this little live album is great, and a nice reminder of how much I love his songs.

9) Oh, my friend Karen scored us tickets to Neko Case at Massey Hall in May.  Yay!

Well, I should get ready for bed.  I no longer have first period prep, so I have to get to school earlier to avoid stress.  Hope you all have nice Mondays!