Monday, February 24, 2014

Heavy rotation on the CBC.

Writing hasn't been coming to me easily at all lately.  I've though "oh goodness, I haven't blogged in awhile" but then realize that I'm not entirely sure what I'd even write about.

The past couple weekends and the days in between have been great though.  I had a nice birthday relaxing at the spa, doing a little shopping, and heading down to Stratford to visit my parents.  Last week, I had a packed social schedule, including a great Blue Rodeo show at Massey Hall with a friend who is recently back from teaching a semester in Italy. 

This past weekend was really busy too.  On Friday night, my friend Fea and I had a joint birthday party at a favourite neighbourhood restaurant.  I had a really nice Saturday hanging out in the city, and on Sunday, I went bridesmaids' dress shopping with my friend Wendy.  (I'm in her wedding.) I had to take the bus to Hamilton for this, but I did watch the hockey game live on my phone, and was really happy to see Canada repeat its hockey gold.

We got nice bridesmaids' dresses, which is great for me, because I'm going to wear mine in another wedding this summer.  I'm getting good value out of my dress.

The Olympics were super fun watch, eh?  This year, I wasn't feeling too excited about them, but then they happened at I had to go out and buy the new mittens and Canada sweater etc.  I'm such a nerd.

I just remembered that my favourite awful TV show is on tonight: The Bachelor.  This is great news, because I bought myself some fancy new wine glasses for my birthday, so it's the perfect time to open a bottle of my favourite Portuguese red and try them out.


Jabba said...

I'm SO not into stuff like The Bachelor, but I would be if I could drop by and share a bottle of wine with you and laugh at the show together!
We had the gold medal game on in the office that day! Another perk of working in a small office.

Kevin said...

I wasn't feeling it for the Olympics either. Perhaps it has something to do with not having cable tv. Perhaps. As for your Bachelor TV night, whatever excuse/reason you can come up with to savour a bottle, go right ahead. Bottoms up!