Sunday, March 02, 2014

Being here

I discovered this song yesterday when my Zipcar did not have an audio connector thingy so I could hook up my phone to the stereo.  (There was my problem with my usual Mini Cooper, so I had to drive the Audi down the street.  It was great except for the lack of connector.)  Not one to be stuck to the radio, I grabbed a handful of CDs (remember those?) as I headed out the door with my grumpy cargo (Rilo) in tow.

One of the CDs I grabbed was the Arts & Crafts 10th anniversary retrospective that I got at Field Trip 2013.  It made for great road trip music as I drove Rilo to Stratford for safekeeping at my parents' house as I head off to London/Paris in a few days (!).

Most of the songs are old faves for me, but the above Stills' song from 2008 was a new find and great listening for a road trip.  It also made me remember of how I used to obsessively listen to the Stills' "Lola Stars & Stripes" back in 2003 before they were on AC.

Anyhow, it's been a pretty good past week, and a good weekend too.  I am really excited for my upcoming trip, and have to dig out my spring coat and wash it.  After weeks of extreme cold and tonnes of snow here, the 10 degree temperatures of London/Paris look amazing.  I can't wait.


Siobhan said...

I'm so excited for your trip! xx

Jabba said...

What is it about driving and good music hey? I'm glad you found an old fave for your trip. Did it cheer ol' Rilo up too?!