Wednesday, March 05, 2014

On fitness and getting away.

On Fitness

Last year, I decided that I want to try out weight training.  However, I had no idea how to start doing this without hurting myself.  I decided to get a personal trainer two times a week to help me with this.

At the end of about seven months, and even after my first trainer moved to Calgary, I decided that I would continue because I had really enjoyed the experience.  I saw such progress in my personal fitness, and just overall energy levels, that I decided it was well worth the cost.

My second trainer (who was actually really scary intense) moved away at the beginning of the fall, and I ended up with a third trainer, who ended up being my favourite (even though I liked all of them).  I kept seeing a lot of progress in my conditioning, my strength, and my energy levels, but my body weight has stayed the same over the past few months.  However, in December I was diagnosed with a pesky medical condition that least it explains why the needle on the scale won't move.  (Although I have lost a lot of body fat, so that's nice.)

Last Thursday was my last day with my trainer.  I felt a little bit emotional at the end of it, like I graduated from school or something.  I'm at the point where I can work out on my own quite fine, with workouts based on what we've been doing.  However, I'll definitely miss the accountability of absolutely having to work out (and always pretty intensely).  On the plus side, not having set appointments is great.  If I'm done work early, I can hit the gym ASAP instead of having to kill time before my appointment.

Yesterday was my first workout on my own.  I did something I call "factorial rowing", where I row 100 m, then do 12 squat-presses with dumbells, row 200 m, do 12 more squat-presses and so on until 1000 m.  I killed it.  One plus of training is that I know what a good workout feels like, and I can't inadvertently cheat myself. 

Today was actually kind of nice out. The weather app on the phone claimed it was -7 degrees, but it felt warmer because it wasn't windy, and it was sunny out.  I opted to skip the gym, and do a training run instead. (Another perk of no long having set times.)  I did a decent 7K.  I've been forcing myself out in some rough conditions, that running today felt SO EASY, even though I guess it was still kind of cold.

To keep myself accountable on workouts, my goal is to take some time on Sunday nights to plan my exercise for the week in my fitness journal.  For each planned workout I do, I get $5 towards an extravagant purchase.  If I skip a planned workout, I will deduct $5 from my total. 

At the end of the day, I'm super proud of myself for keeping my 2013 fitness resolution well into 2014.  I'm a stronger more energetic person who like exercising, and I'm training for a half marathon which I'm super excited for.  I'm pretty good with clean eating too.  I'd give myself a solid B for my eating.  That's a great improvement from a solid F.  :)

On Getting Away

This has been a ROUGH winter.  I'm talking ice storms, something like 33 extreme cold days, and constant misery.  I'm not heading anywhere tropical, but the spring-like temperatures in London and Paris are more than good enough for me.

Today I was thinking about how I'll be able to wear shoes in both these places.  SHOES.  OUTSIDE.  It blows my mind.  I'm not even sure how you do that anymore.  (Note: I must remember to bring my cute red booties home from school tomorrow.  I want to wear those outside.)

I also realized I'll be able to wear fun things like my jean jacket.  What the what?  And I won't have to pack mittens, a fuzzy scarf, nor a toque.  Mind blown.

I want to go for one run in London, and one run in Paris to keep up a bit with my training.  I realized that I no longer know how to dress for warmer temperature runs.  How many layers do I wear????

I'm also going to do lots of fun things too, and I'm excited for that, but honestly, the lack of snow is what I'm looking forward to the most.  At my parents' house, they still have banks of snow that are five feet high.  It's awful.

Seriously, lack of snow might just bring me to tears of joy.  Be forewarned Claire & Becca T.


Siobhan said...

I think what you have done with your fitness is super cool. I am in awe. And it is really feeling like Spring in London - yesterday I just wore my blazer over my dress to skip out for lunch, though I was still glad of my coat when heading back late last night.

Jabba said...

Wow. I'm in awe too with your fitness. That is a huge step to take and a massive life change and you've done so well!
Going for a run in Paris? So cool. Just for that run you can pretend you're a local ' just out for your run'.
(By the way: I never take the weather out here for granted.)