Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On getting away and coming back home.

I had an amazing European March Break.  London was so much fun.  I got to attend my dear friend Claire's hen do, spend lots of amazing time with her, and see her house and meet her cats for the first time.  Lots of wine was drunk, and many laughs were had.  We went to the Ritz for afternoon tea (where I messed up the time for the reservation but they still let us in... the Ritz is classy, yo) and followed it up with amazingly decadent cocktails.  Mine had gold in it, and hers was served in a duck egg in a nest of caramel.

Midweek I took the Eurostar to Paris to meet up with my BFF Becca T.  It was so great to see her.  She met me at Gare Du Nord and then we headed to the Latin Quarter for drinks on a patio in the sunshine.  I spent most of my time in Paris wandering around my favourite neighbourhoods, going to museums, shopping, reading in gardens in the sunshine, and catching up with my dear friend.

I holidayed hard.  I was exhausted by the end.   I'm jet-lagged and I was back to work the day after I returned.  I'm pretty hardcore.  When I was in London, I met up with my 25-year-old cousin who is teaching there this year.  He was amazed that I was able to meet up with him for drinks the day after an overnight flight followed by a late night party.  He said "I couldn't live like that anymore," and I felt rather proud that I can out-do a 25-year-old at 34 years of age.  And then, after a week of holidaying hard I was right back at work.

Last night after a long-ish day of school, I came home and went to bed at 8:30 pm.  I felt way more rested today.  At lunch today I treated to a jet-lagged traveler's wish come true.  Staff were summoned for a meeting where we were told that a water main in the neighbourhood was broken, so the water would be turned off in the school, and we'd all have to go home for health and safety.  Yes!  I went home for a very nice afternoon nap.

My luggage was delayed, and I had to hang around tonight waiting for it to be delievered from between 7 pm and 10 pm.  It showed up at 6 pm, and then I spend my evening running a couple of errands.

As I was walking through my neighbourhood, I realized that as much as I love traveling, I'm always happy to be home.  I really do love my city, and my job, and I'm happy to be back to my regular routine and working towards my spring goals.  And then I realized how truly lucky I am to get to travel and visit excellent friends overseas, and then return home to a life that I love.

And now for more sleep.


Jabba said...

Wow. I SO admire your energy and drive to make shit HAPPEN!! I'm jealous of you getting to read in Paris int he sunshine. And those cocktails sound amazing!!
Then to out-do a 25 year old?! Nice work. (By the way, I couldn't go to work the day after that trip either.)

I know what you mean about coming home. There is definitely something to be said about appreciating where you decide to make your life. I'm glad to hear you love coming home. And I know that feeling.

Siobhan said...

I love this. I love that you love and make time and resources happen for going away and that you love your life at home. I find at the moment when I get off the train at Edinburgh from London after a lot of good times there I get a whiff of the malty Edinburgh smell and I feel like I'm home which makes me feel so lucky :)