Monday, March 24, 2014

On the longest winter ever and the return of Miss Rilo.

When Shakespeare wrote of the winter of our discontent, he must have made himself a time machine and traveled to this winter that I'm living right now.  It's awful.  Endless.  Right now it's bizarre because the days have gotten longer (yay more sunlight!) but it's still cold as anything.  I gave up and hibernated yesterday.  I'd had enough.

Today wasn't so bad: a balmy -5 degrees Celsius, but felt like -10.  (Compare that to an average temperature of +5.)  I went for an evening run, and enjoyed the fact that it was still sunlight at 7 pm. 

And there is supposed to be more snow this week.  Gah.

On Saturday, I drove to St. Ratford, to retrieve Miss Rilo from her vacation home at my parents' house.  She is always rather happy there.  I think she likes having two homes.  The only thing she doesn't enjoy is the car ride that is necessary to transport her between her two homes.

On Sunday morning, as I was packing up her things, she knew what was going on and hid not-so-cleverly underneath a rocking chair in the basement.  After I loaded the car, I decided to take a trip to Tim Horton's to treat my parents to some coffee.  Apparently as soon as I left, she figured the coast was clear and headed back upstairs to hang with my parents.  But, when I returned, she bee-lined to her hiding place.

I think her hiding was her half-hearted protest to the car ride, but she was pretty resigned as I loaded her into her carrier.  No scratches, and no fighting, like other times. As soon as we returned to my place, she was her usual cheerful (and sleepy) self.

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Jabba said...

Awh!! Little Rilo!!
Don't worry, you're almost there. Soon you will be wondering how to beat the heat.