Sunday, March 30, 2014

Talking about everything I am doing wrong.

Really, I think I'm too sensitive about things.  Or that I care too much or take many things too seriously.  I don't know what it is, but these character flaws of mine lead me to feel down far more often than I'd like to. 

I have to focus on good things.  The little things that bring me joy that will be there no matter what.  So here's a happy list:

1) Kitty cat snuggles with Rilo.  She's a nice cat.

2) Car sharing: this weekend, I needed a car to get to Hamilton for a Stag and Doe.  Car sharing is so perfect for my lifestyle: I love having a car when I need it.  The bonus was that I had the car for 24 hours, so this morning I took myself out for brunch, then went to Ikea and did a big grocery shop.

3) My classes are so nice this semester.

4) I went for a long run this evening: 13K.  I am definitely ready for my 10K race on April 13th.  I'm feeling better about my half marathon too.  If I run at the (slowish) pace that I ran this evening, I'll be able to make the distance.

5) Laughing hard with friends.  I went out on Friday night with my friend Mathew, and I had one of those very special laughing fits that feel so good.

6) Letting myself be lazy.  I often think I should use every free moment to do work, train, accomplish something etc., but sometimes it's just nice to spend the morning bed catching up on the Daily Show.

7) The new Kevin Drew album.  It's so good!

8) The amount of sunshine we are getting these days.  And it's every so slightly warming up.


Siobhan said...

The new Kevin Drew album is SO good. I have been a bit down so I started that #100happydays thing and it seems good so far (but today was a particularly good day so it may not stay like this for all 100...)

I hope your days continue to be filled with little things that make you happy. I get too sensitive and overthink things but sometimes it is all just okay x

Jabba said...

Ohmigod I am SO in this 'over sensitive' kick lately. I'm feeling totally out of place, like I don't belong anywhere....completely alienated. I should take your cue and do a list. I bet you felt better after.
I haven't heard this Kevin Drew guy, I'll check him out. I JUST (10 minutes ago) downloaded a good album - Michael KIwanuka.