Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Christmas post.

I layed low while I was home for Christmas. I needed sleep, OJ, and movies.  I showed up for all obligatory events (group of 9 dinner, family dinner, Christmas Mass) but can't say I possessed enough energy to do much else.

I'm healthier now. I came back late last night and had a Simpsons marathon with friends today.

Now I'm up late browsing library ebooks.

I read two dark books over the holidays.  Excellent books, both of them, but dark dark subject material.  Sometimes I find there is a correlation with good writing and dark material.  I guess that's the price you pay if you are discerning about your literary fiction.

I'll write more later.  Am I descending into summer vampirism's little sister - Chrismas break vampirism?

Monday, December 22, 2014

Soft Offering (For the Oft Suffering)

This is the title of the first track of the new Hey Rosetta! album, Second Sight. I like the play on words, as I'm feeling a little oft suffering today. As soon as my holidays hit, I was hit with some sort of rattle in my lungs and fever.

Today I packed my suitcase for the holidays and dragged it to Union Station while bathed in a cold feverish sweat. I feel better now that I'm comfortablely ensconced in my seat with a Toblerone and a crappy paperback that I picked up at the train station news-stand. I actually don't think I can sleep anymore... I went to bed last night at 9 pm and slept on-and-off until 2 pm. That's how crappy I was feeling.

The last day of school was fun. The talent show went smoothly, we had a nice staff luncheon, and there was an after-hours incident with Italian moonshine that I'd really like to tell you about someday.

Before my sickness hit me, I did mange to make brunch w a friend and see the movie "Wild". Both were good. Hey: the Bier Markt has a really great brunch. For dessert you can get fresh donuts that you can dip into cappuccino creme sauce.

I did the "it's close to Christmas but no one's going to buy me a 3/4 length sleeve Tshirt with foxes on it" at Anthropologie after brunch.

Okay, time to read my shitty novel with my train coffee.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Is it Friday?

Montreal was super fun.  I had a great trip, and I even had time to relax, sleep in a little, and binge on Netflix.  The wedding was lovely, and I loved walking around snowy Montreal on Saturday evening with a group of friends that I don't see nearly often enough.  (It was an afternoon wedding.)  On Sunday, I spent the afternoon shopping, eating poutine, and exploring with my friend Gloria, and then I had a very pleasant train ride back.

This week is one of the hardest of the school year.  I'm checked out, the kids are checked out, but we still have to do work, especially with the end of the semester looming in January.  Tomorrow and Friday will be long days because I'm involved with student council who is planning the talent show.

I just can't wait until Friday and the holidays.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The sea is a good place to think of the future.

When I arrived yesterday in Florida, it was rainy and cool.  The skies were dark and gray.  It wasn't what I pictured.

There's a cold front here; but it's still warmer than it is back home, or so we told ourselves.  However, this afternoon, the Sun came out and everything felt better.  It was still cool-ish, but the sunshine makes all of the difference.  (I should have packed more sweaters; I never pack enough sweaters whenever I go somewhere where I'm convinced it will be warm - Florida, Kenya, Europe in the summertime.)

This afternoon, once I was free from conferences, I threw on my hoodie and my sandals and went down to the beach.  I had a little nap on a cabana chair, and then decided to walk up and down the beach.  The walk was lovely.  The water was cold, but after I took off my sandals and walked along the edge, I acclimatized and it started to feel warm.   I found a sand dollar and some nice seashells, saw some cool looking seabirds, and watched the sun set. 

There was a wine and cheese reception this evening, where each conference participant got two drink tickets, but because people knew/met people who didn't want their drink tickets, we ended up with many more than that.  We mad friends with some Americans, had tonnes of fun, and then went to a restaurant with a giant fish tank for dinner.

Now it's time for bed.  I hope the Sun shows up again tomorrow.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Colour me in.

This city's getting too small for me.

This all goes back to one of those shitty dating experiences that you are bound to experience if you are going through the torture that is dating in this day and age.

Back in September (the first day of school actually) I went on a really great first date with a guy with whom I had a scary amount of things in common.  Music.  Baseball.  Books.  Travel.  Lefty political leanings.  Social justice.  He'd even been to Kenya for crying out loud.

Anyway, at the end of the date, he asked me out for that weekend right away, and even texted me before I got home to reiterate that he'd had a good time.   We kept texting each other for the rest of the week.  However, come Saturday morning he texted me saying he was really sick with the flu, and could we reschedule for the next weekend.  Well, unfortunately I was out of town the following weekend, and a weeknight wouldn't work 'cuz he was out of town.

We kept texting tonnes during the interim, and finally when I was back from my weekend away, he asked me again to make plans for date #2.

Then I never heard from him again.  Yup, it went from "do you want to go out on Saturday?" to silence.

Crazy, huh?  But based upon the dating experience of other people I know, and my own, it's just a drop in the bucket.  Maybe he was a pathological liar or something, and I dodged that bullet.

Fast-forward to this Saturday when I'm waiting with my friend Sara to run a 5K race for charity.  I'd done the same race last year, and had a great time, so decided to do it again.  It's in my neighbourhood, and you get a Christmas-themed medal and a hotdog at the end.

As we're waiting, I remember that the race is for the charity that disappearing dude works for.  I tell my friend the story, with "I really hope I don't see him here," tacked onto the end.

We run the race, get our medals, and eat our hotdogs.  Before we head out, we decide we need to get our picture taken, because if you don't take a picture, it didn't happen, right?  (Ha-ha.)  We go back to the start/finish line to get our pictures taken, and ask some random guy to do the photography.  He's one of those that will take about ten pictures from different angles to ensure that you get a good shot.

After our pictures are done, I notice out of the corner of my eye that disappearing dude is at the start/finish line handing out medals. Ugh!  He could have totally given me my medal and I wouldn't have noticed.  When I get home, and look back at my pictures, he is in every single shot.  Talk about photobombing.  I spend about five good minutes cropping him out of every shot.  I'll admit, it was catharctic.

Anyway, I think that Toronto is getting too small when my bad dates show up in the background of my pictures.


I leave for Florida in the morning!  I'm trying to be excited but I really wish I was going with some of my close friends on this trip.  But alas, I am not.

After that, it's a weekend wedding in Montreal with my friends from university.  Even though that will be cold, I'm looking forward to the train ride (I love trains).  I haven't been to Montreal in forever, so I'm looking forward to doing some exploring.

Happy Monday to the rest of you!