Sunday, September 27, 2015

Post season!

Well it's official!  My beloved Blue Jays have clinched a postseason berth for the first time in 22 years.   The news was announced on Saturday morning to little fanfare because of a mathematical oversight... Turns out the LA Angels didn't have to lose on Friday night after all.  The team celebrated after the game though, and the footage warmed my heart.

Today, I went to the final home game of the regular season and it was an exciting end to a great season of home games.  The Jays rallied from behind, and we were treated to a walk off home run by MVP candidate Josh Donaldson.  

It was really nice that after the win, ppl didn't rush out of the stadium to beat traffic but stayed to celebrate with the team.  When we finally left, ppl were chanting "Go Jays Go" and "MVP" as we went down the ramp from the 500s.

There are still seven more roads games, but I am so pumped for the Blue Jays to clinch the AL east, finally add a new banner in the Dome, and play in the postseason. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nothing quite exhausts me like a field trip for school. Especially when it involves a whole day in the sun.  I should have out sunblock on; my nose is a bit red.

Other than the last home game of the regular baseball season, I don't have much planned this weekend and I should keep it that way.  I have visitors coming next week and anti-Stephen Harper events, all night street art crawls, and concerts coming up so I need to rest, clean, and get ahead of the school work game.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I need more time.  I am struggling with balancing the following:
  • Baseball (went to the Jays' game today; watching Yankees @ Mets while doing schoolwork; caught all games this weekend) A+
  • Socializing (went for a walk in High Park w a friend after school on Thursday, organized a work-friend social on Friday, hung out w friend on Saturday, Jays' game = social) A+
  • Lesson planning (I struggle but it's always done) A+
  • Extracurricular activities (All under control) A+
  • Self care (got hair and nails done on Sat; made dentist app't; need to get a massage) A-
  • Marking (I marked 1.5 sets out of four this weekend; old me would have done zero) B-
  • Rilo care (she got mad at me today because I was planning lessons instead of paying attention to her after being gone all day; other than that no real complaints from her) B-
  • Cleaning (place is messy, but not at its worst) C-
  • Sleeping (I get enough on weekends; but not during week) C-
  • Blogging (I am down to one post a week and maybe check in on other blogs once per week) C-
  • Eating (made lunch 4/5 days last week; ate dinner at home mostly but ate out too much on weekend) D
  • Exercise (made my FitBit goal 6/7 days this week; did not go to gym) D
  • Reading (haven't read a book since school started) D-

I really do feel that I could raise my grades in the activities where I have C-s or Ds if I had more hours in the day. I do combine baseball with planning and marking, and I think I could combine baseball with more things but sometimes it's nice to have time to zone out, you know??

Also, I do NOT understand how ppl with kids juggle everything. I have troubles taking care of myself and one small cat.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Seems what's been good for the music hasn't always been so good for the life.

This has been my song of the week.  I can relate to the line that I borrowed for the title of this post.  For me, I would substitute the word "music" for "school" and that would describe my constant struggle for work/life balance.

However, I did say "NO" to something last week which should help.  My friend wanted me to help her with the ultimate frisbee team.  This would have been something I could have easily done a couple of years ago, but this semester I am teaching an enriched grade 12 biology class which requires a lot of prep so I said no and she understood.

(Part of me is sad because helping her probably would have been lots of fun; but an over-booked/over-stressed me is not fun.)

I had a fun first-earned weekend.  (I haven't earned a weekend in months.)  On Friday night, I went with my pal Mathew to see Sloan at Massey Hall.  I was super excited for the show because I managed to score front row tickets!

We arranged to have dinner at a nearby gastro-pub that we knew would be showing the ballgame.  David Price pitching game one against the Yankees in the Bronx is a big deal.  Luckily, the Jays scored big and early, so the outcome of the game was pretty much foregone by the time we left.

The show was great!  There were technical difficulties at the beginning that meant the band couldn't start right away so the crowd started an impromptu sing-along of "O Canada" followed by a sing-along of my favourite Sloan song of all time, "Deeper Than Beauty".  It was fun.

The rest of the weekend was devoted to baseball.  Yesterday the Jays had a double-header against the Yankees to make up for Thursday's postponed game and I watched all nine hours of the insanity.  It was chilly and rainy out so a perfect day to put on my new fuzzy fall hoodie, light a pumpkin pie candle and watch 9 hours of exciting baseball.  The Jays won both games, but not without some extra innings in game 1, and with two players getting injured.  It was nuts.

Today's game was less exciting.  The Jays lost, but since they took 3/4 of the series against their rivals, I wasn't too concerned.

The rest of my Sunday was spent lesson-planning and running errands.  Sigh, this working life!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Back to school.

The first few lines of St. Vincent's sing Regret sums up how I felt on Tuesday.

"Morning pry the windows open
Let in what's so terrifying
Summer is as faded as a lone cicada call
Memories so bright I gotta squint just to recall"

It's been a slow ease into the school year.  We had a PD Day last Thursday which was dull but got me into the building.  Normally I would stay and do a bit of prep since I was there, but the building was so bloody hot there was no way.  I had a little but of intent to go in and do my prep on Friday, but there was opportunity to go for brunch and walk along the beach, and that pull was just too strong.

Luckily, Tuesday was the first day with the kids, but the classes were only twenty minute orientations.  Basically I try to learn all the names, chit chat about summer, and tell them how much nerdy fun the semester will be.  Because of my Friday beach day, I ended up staying really late on Tuesday prepping for today's classes.

My classes seem really great so far.  I have an enriched grade 12 biology class that is going to keep me on my toes with preparation.  Luckily, the students are such extremely lovely people that I won't resent the extra work and intensity of the course.

Two more days until my first earned weekend in a long time!!