Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What a season.

Sadly, the Jays' division-winning 2015 season came to an end in Kansas City on Friday.

I ended up watching the game at the house of friends that I hadn't seen in awhile.  Even though the outcome wasn't what we wanted, it was still fun to cheer for Jose Bautista's two home runs, and somehow hope that we'd be able to push a game seven.

During the game, I spent time texting baseball friends from near and far.  I think the best part of a winning baseball season is that it brings people together.  I really loved how the city of Toronto came together during the playoff run.  From the "Go Jays Go" signs at the front of TTC buses, to random conversations from fellow fans in grocery stores and elevators, it's been very fun.

I really loved this Blue Jays team.  I love that Joey Bats is a leader who is outspoken, who will flip his bat and speak out in support of his teammates and against injustice.  I love Josh Donaldson's (MVP! MVP!) intensity.  Who could have imagined that Marcus Stroman would be back to pitch for the playoffs after his supposedly season-ending injury.  And who could not love 20-year old Osuna's rise from poverty to being the youngest closer in baseball (and one with nerves of steel)?

I had to have a good cry when I got home on Friday, and I know that I wasn't the only one.  After a season so big, and so exciting, I just had to release it all.  I went to 18 home games, 1 away game, 5 playoff games, and probably watched the majority of the rest on TV.  I invested a lot of time, but I'm glad I did.  I saw a lot of great baseball.

I'm looking forward to 2016.  The core team will stay in place, and I'm sure we can fill in those gaps and hopefully hold onto Estrada and Price.  It'll be fun hearing about any roster moves, and choosing this year's 15 games on our flex pack.  And I can't wait to find out who will be the 2016 bobbleheads!  (My money is on Donaldson, Tulo, and Price if he sticks around.  Although I'd really love a Kevin Pillar bobblehead.)

Until then, I've got the World Series and all I have to say about that is Go Mets Go!  It's s tie game right now.  Those damned Royals are relentless.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hooked on a feeling.

ALCS update: Jays two games in KC.  Jays play on Monday, I'm there, they win.

I was quite sure that going to three playoff games during the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) while meeting the demands of work could possibly drive me to to exhaustion.  My friend Vern really wanted to go to an ALCS game, so I decided that I would sell her my Tuesday ticket, and just watch the game from the comfort of my couch.

I actually was really happy to avoid the crowds, and watch a game on TV.  I mean, it's super fun going in person and I love the energy and being there, but I guess going to ALL of the playoff games is a little much for me.  My best baseball buddy Mathew mocked me for being weak and not going to ALL of the games like he has, but I was pretty happy with my choice.

The game I missed was a complete disaster.  14 - 2 for KC.  It's kind of bittersweet that I sold the ticket for that game; I felt kind of awful sending my friend Vern to such a fiasco, but really happy that I missed it. 

After watching that game on TV, I really hoped that the Blue Jays could take just one more game at home.  After experiencing home game losses during the ALDS, I didn't want to walk out of the final game of the 2015 post season all sad with 50 000 other despondent fans.  I felt that KC was outplaying the Jays, and I just wanted one last win at home and that would be the season.

I got my wish on Wednesday!  The Jays won 7-1!  However, their performance was so strong, and so convincing that I forgot all about my "just one more home win" wish and now I'm craving the World Series here in Toronto.  The fun thing about going to so many playoff games is that more or less the same people sit around us, and we're getting to recognize each other.  We said goodnight by saying "see you at the World Series!" and now I really want that bad.

If Wednesday's team shows up in KC for games 6 and 7, I think it will happen.  They were great.  To quote Drake (who is used constantly as Jays walk-on music), the 2015 Blue Jays have got a "World Series" attitude.  I think they can get there.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Comeback Kids

I'm super excited that I'm going to be one of those annoying old people who says "I was at game 5 of the ALDS and witnessed the epic 53-minute seventh inning of craziness with Joey Bats' epic bat flip." Except I didn't really see the bat flip since I was high-fiving everyone around me.

They did it though!  My beloved blue birds came back and won three do-or-die games to win the ALDS and move on to the next round of the playoffs.

And now we're in a similar situation to where we were a week ago: Jays lost the first two games of the series.  However, the ALCS is a best-of-seven so it's not do-or-die quite yet, but we need a win.

Starting tmrw, the next three games will be a home.  I've got tickets for all but I'm sitting out Tuesday's game because I think three games in a row will be tough to balance with work.  I'm selling that one to my friend Vern and gonna watch it at home.

I think this team likes to comeback, has been doing it all season, and I hope they do it again.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Long time, no blog.

Thank goodness for long weekends, is all I have to say. The first month of school has whirled by, and I'm thankful for an extra day of rest. Right now I'm on the train headed to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. I'm happy to deliver them a bag of random gifts (souvenirs from baseball games, books, and a flavour of chips that I'm confident that my dad will adore). I'm writing this on my phone, so forgive me any typos/errors/mistakes.

I love trains. Being on a train brings me happy memories of taking this very train about a million times, taking trains in Europe, taking the train through the Canadian Rockies, and weekend trips to Montreal.

I've been thinking a lot about Europe. I have some money saved up; I really want to use it to go to Europe over the March Break. I would like to spend a weekend in Paris, because Paris is always a good idea, and then take the train to Amsterdam because I've never been.

Last weekend was oh-so-fun.  My friends Matt and Melly were in town from Winnipeg.  On Saturday night, we did Nuit Blanche.  Nuit Blanche is a night of magic, annoyance, drunk girls falling down on the street in front of you, and exhaustion. There are times when I get grumpy, but at the end I'm always really glad I did it.  We smartly took a two-hour break at a pub, which provided lots of amusement too. I ended up getting home at 4 a.m. which made me super proud of myself. I'm in my mid-thirties but I can still do late nights.

Although the next day, I skipped out on brunch because I knew that I needed to rest up for the CHVRCHES concert on Sunday night, and get some school work done. (And watch the last regular season Jays' game which was a debacle.)

The show was great, and then I suggested going to a pub on the Danforth near the venue for a last celebratory drink since I don't see my Winnipeg friends too often.  I took them to The Old Nick, which I'd been to before and was okay.  We ended up falling in love with the place, the music they played (a lot of old 54-40) and I ended up staying out way too late on a school night and had too much beer.  I took a cab home and had problems explaining left and right; luckily the driver was super nice.

But, I was totally fine the next day to drag myself in early for school! Period 1 was rough, but the rest of the day was good and I felt very productive! More late night drinks on school nights perhaps?

And then there was post season baseball.

MLB set the Jays' games at ridiculous times in the afternoon for the ALDS. Luckily, I have fourth period off, so I snuck out early on Thursday (after making arrangements w my VP, who's cool).  The atmosphere was amazing.  Seeing the "2015 AL East Champions" banner unfurled almost brought me to tears. The game, however, was a disappointment.

And then there was the result of Friday's fourteen-inning marathon. Oh man. Now my beloved team is in a do-or-die must-win-three-in-a-row situation.

No matter what happens, it's been an amazing season, and I love this baseball team.