Thursday, February 25, 2016

My interests as of late.

1) Baseball - Mathew and I have signed up for another Pitch Talks (an event were we pay money to watch people drink beer and talk about baseball) in April.  This one features the Jays' new President (also a man not loved by Toronto) Mark Shapiro, and the loveable Jays' commentator Buck Martinez.

2) Beyonce - obviously

3) Drake - I kind of crush on Drake, especially in his singing songs.  I have come to accept the everyday sexism in Hotline Bling by thinking of Drake as totally knowing he's a pathetic dude in the song and he knows that we are all cheering for the girl.  So it's really not sexist, but a satirical eff you to the patriarchy (or that's what it is in my brain).

4) Cross Stitch - I've been planning too many lessons to make progress though.  BOO!

5) Boxing - I still like hitting stuff as long as it's inanimate and doesn't hit back.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Conversations with my father.

My dad's not a phone guy.  I talk to my mother almost every day, but every so often my dad puts in a request for a conversation (when he's in the mood/still awake/not watching Jeopardy... well I'm not foolish enough to call them during Jeopardy!)

Tonight I put in my phone call at about 7-ish (before Jeopardy) and after talking to my mom a bit, she asked if I wanted to talk with my dad.  It's usually a good time, so why not?

Here's how my dad answers the phone:

"Sylvester's residence."

We watched a lot of Loonie Tunes when I was a kid, and my dad likes to think that he's Sylvester, and I'm his "thon" and that I should go catch the little mice, and he'll catch the big ones. (Cue the baby kangaroo).

This is actually an improvement over some of his other phone greetings.  As a teenager, I would race to the phone whenever it rang, terrified that a friend would hear my dad answer the phone with a greeting such as "Buckingham Palace" or "1400 Pennsylvania Avenue" or "Committee for Public Safety; Robespierre speaking".  (I'm not making these up.)

Anyway, my dad and I first had a good baseball chat.  Note: my dad is a bit on the deaf side from: a) genetics (lucky me); b) years of listening to records loudly on headphones; and c) that time he owned a pig barn (pigs squeal rather loudly).

I commented on how the Jays' pitcher, Aaron Sanchez, has bulked up quite a bit during the off-season.  My Dad asked "who?" and I repeated "SANCHEZ!" and he replied "What? Seinfeld?"

Yes Dad, Jerry Seinfeld has bulked up quite a bit during the offseason.  He's ready to cheer on those Mets!  I started laughing so hard.

Finally, after spelling out S-A-N-C-H-E-Z, we were on the same page and pondered if this bulk up might mean he's trying to shift over to a starting pitcher.

Our conversation shifted to Jeopardy! and the recent news they are no longer accepting Canadian applicants (there goes my dream; at least I auditioned once, right?).

"THAT'S A BLOODY OUTRAGE!!!" was my Dad's response to this topic.  My Dad is a rather laid-back guy.  Hearing him worked up about something is actually quite amusing.

Anyway, he surmised that this could mean war, and that we should sent only our strongest nerds over to correct this.  Or, to just have a Canadian version of Jeopardy! as well as a Canada-only hockey league.

And, the biggest surprise of this long phone conversation with my Dad is that it actually bled into sacred Jeopardy time and he even missed out on a category on Stephen King, which I'm sure he could have run as he's read pretty much everything by Stephen King.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Need to Catch Up

This weekend I have not a lot planned and I'm super happy about it.

I need to catch up on housework, laundry, a little bit (but not too much) schoolwork, podcasts, reading, and exercising.  Okay, wow, now that sounds like a lot.

Oh and I need to catch up on blogs.  It's been an age since I left a comment on anyone's blog.

The next two weeks at school are going to be insane because there's an event coming up.  I need to enjoy this weekend of respite, but get some stuff done too.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Another year older.

Oh man, so I've made another revolution around the Sun!  Can you believe it??

Some years I want to hide away on my birthday and do nothing.  I feel like I'm older, nothing has changed, and it's no cause for celebration.  I can get mopey.

After a mope-tastic birthday last year, I said NO MORE and had a great day, nay, WEEKEND this year.  Four dinners, some cross-stitching, beers, laughs, bad movies, treat-yo-self, Blue Jays themed attire and more to ring in another year of me.

I feel ready for my next revolution and I have wonderful people traveling with me.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Great Day!!!

1) Someone (an adult) annoyed me at work.  Went to the gym and mentioned to my trainer.  He said "why don't we try boxing?"  I did and it was so much fun!  Most fun I've had working out.  Ever.

2) My dear friend Alex scored me tickets for Beyonce!!!! So excited.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

What to write about?

I used to be able to blog more easily that I can now.  Here I'm sitting at the end of a pretty dull weekend and I can't think of a thing to really write about.  Ugh.  I'll do it later.

Monday, February 01, 2016


It's a new semester and I'm really happy that my classroom is free during my prep period.  It means that I can spread out/set-up in here without bothering anyone and relax.  (I have prep period first, and I'm ready to go, hence I'm blogging.)

I had a pretty chill weekend.  I watched Straight Outta Compton which was OK.  It was revisionist history, from everything I've read about N.W.A., but I still found it interesting overall.  I tend to really enjoy music biopics.  It takes me back to the music appreciation course I took for fun in university.  (Fun and credit, mind you.)

I went to the Raptors game on Saturday night and it turned out to be one of those exceptional evenings that you could not predict its awesomeness.  My friend Elaine and I bought these tickets waaaaay back in the summer, and I tell you, we couldn't have chosen a better night!

My first small happy moment was ordering a Coke Zero (although I've mostly given that carcinogenic brew up) in a Raptors souvenir cup.  I have one of these cups from my first ever Raptors game, and I use it all of the time, so I figured it was time for an upgrade.  The first snack booth was out of them and only had Leafs cups left, but after hunting around we found one.  Woo-hoo!

We had nosebleed seats which I'm accustomed to from my Jays games, but basketball is definitely more pricey.  Anyhow, I was checking out who was sitting courtside, and from up where I was sitting one dude (shaved head, beard, work boots) looked like Drake and I said to my friend Elaine "hey!  I think that Drake's here!" and she said no, it wasn't Drake.  Then I texted my friend Elisa, who was also at the game but had better seats, and she made fun of me for thinking Drake was there.

About 30 minutes later, they put Drake up on the scoreboard and I had fun gloating!

During half-time, my friend Elisa texted me.  A co-worker of hers has seasons tickets down in the 100s, and the seasons tickets holders who sit behind her weren't there.  Since Elisa already had good seats, she texted me to see if I wanted a free upgrade.  Woo-hoo!  My Drake-watching (oh and basketball-watching) was so much better from down there.

The Raptors ended up winning against the Detroit Pistons 111 - 107 which was amazing because it was their record-breaking 11th win in a row.  I will point out, because I have to, that the 2015 Jays had TWO 11-game win streaks, but anyway.  Yah.  (I miss baseball.)  And, because the Raptors scored more than 100 points, we could all use our tickets to get free pizza at Pizza Pizza the next day.

Souvenir cup, Drake sighting, amazing seat upgrade, 11th win in a row, and free pizza!  That's a pretty good Saturday night!  I can only hope that Drake had as much fun as I did.

p.s. The Woo-Hoo! title of this post expresses mainly my joy that my classroom is free right now.