Thursday, December 29, 2016

Summary of 2016

As you can tell, I do not blog with the voracity of the old days.  My posts in 2016 have been few and far between.

What has changed?  I don't exactly know.  I'm no more or less busy than I used to be, other than the fact I devote myself way more to the baseball season than I used to.  I think the words don't come as easily as they used to, and that I don't always have my laptop with me.  (Surfing the internet from an iPad is great; writing not so much.)

Anyhow, before I take off to the DR for the second time this year (they have good beaches, drinks, and food!) I wanted to summarize this year for myself.

2016 has been a shitty year for politics and pop culture, no doubt.  I think the consensus in social media has been that 2016 has been a dumpster fire.  We've lost many amazing artists and people, and the politics of hatred and ignorance has reared its scary and ugly head.

But when I reflect back on my year, I realize that hey, I'm actually feeling OK and a heck of a lot better than I did a year ago.  And that's a huge blessing, because I think that if I was feeling the way that I did in 2015 after this dumpster fire of a year, I'd be in a dark place indeed.

I started 2016 in a flurry of tears having lost some essence of myself somewhere along the way somehow.  It's not that there had been a change in my life or something bad had happened, I was just feeling lost.

After some self-care and reshuffling of priorities and hard work and forgiveness of self, I managed to find my way again this year.  Of course I stumbled and fell along the way, but as I compare where I am to where I was a year ago at this time, I feel sooooooo much better.

I credit Beyonce. Lemonade was the best album of the year and I loved seeing her Formation tour.

I credit the baseball season and my baseball support group of friends.  I'm happy that my Blue Jays made it to the ALCS for the second year in a row.  Playoff baseball is fun.  But playoffs or not, I love that team, and I truly appreciate the game for what it is, and how each one of the 162 signifies a new start, a new narrative, and another go at it.  There is always another day in baseball.

I credit friends.  I have great friends.  I got to visit friends, had friends visit from afar, and have my usual crew who live around here.  I credit the new friends, and the friends who have been around forever.

I credit lifting weights twice a week.  I'm not running like I used to (I want to get into race shape again).  I don't feel faster this year, but I feel way stronger this year.

I credit small adventures.  I didn't do anything too crazy in 2016, but I have good memories of cross-stitching at breweries, baseball talks, midwest roadtrips, away games in Kansas City, little concert roadtrips, scoring a Hip ticket, curling for the first time, boxing for the first time, standing outside for two hours to see Mariah Carey sing two songs, and my first resort vacation in ten years. 

I'm glad I found my strength again in 2016.  I goddamned well needed it. 

Happy new year to you all!  Maybe 2017 be better than 2016, and if it's not, let us all have the strength to fight back.

Holidays (so far)

The September - December part of the school year is the longest slog of the year since there are no real breaks, other than Thanksgiving in October.  This year we had three PD days which provided some respite, but I still had to go into work.  (Although one of those involved boxing, so that was pretty awesome.)

Anyway, by Christmas Eve Eve, it was the last day of school before the holidays and I felt like a shell of a human being.  I was exhausted.

However, a week later and I'm feeling waaaaaay better.  I took the train to my parents' house on Christmas Eve, and just returned to the city today.

While in Stratford, I slept, read, spent time with my parents (and Ms. Rilo who is staying there), and saw friends too.  It was a good break.

I came back today so that I could meet up with my friend Gloria (from my university days) who lives in Singapore now and is around for the holidays.  We met up with another mutual friend and had drinks at a literary-themed bar and I was so happy.

I'm home now, and going to sleep early.  Tomorrow I need to get my nails done, my hair done, and pack because on Saturday I'm leaving for (another) tropical vacation to the Dominican Republic.  A week of lying on a beach, reading books, and drinking pina coladas is exactly what I need to fill up my shell with humanity again.