Sunday, December 31, 2017

I'll write you a postcard, I'll send you the news.

I'm hanging out at home, drinking a little bit of sparkling wine, and reflecting on the year that was the year of Our Lord 2017.  (I find it funny referring to years this way. Please humour me.) I was going to do a thread on Twitter, since I never blog anymore, but they I thought, shit, I have too many thoughts for evened threaded, 280-character Twitter... So here I am.

Ahhhh, 2017. Globally, this year was a garbage fire. Checking the news was an exercise in masochism.

Personally, this year had high highs, and really low lows too.

I started this year in the Dominican Republic with my friend Nadine. It was a lovely vacation, but I was a bit of a hot mess. I had a lot of fun, but looking back, I realize that the tropical sun may have infused me with some loneliness, which I dealt with by texting a boy who wasn't worth my time. I'm so glad that was just a blip.

Other than that trip, 2017 was filled with other fun travel too. In July, I went to Costa Rica for a week of touring with my friend Jane, and I loved it. The biodiversity of the country is breathtaking. In August, I flew out to Chicago with my Jays' Girls to see our beloveds take on the Chicago Cubs and lose (the final game they blew in painful fashion). On top of two games and a tour of Wrigley Field, we did lot of other fun stuff too, including spending the solar eclipse at the Planetarium.

Of course, those weren't the only ball games I went to. I spent baseball season watching *almost* every game on TV (NERD!) and went to over 20 home games. It was a disappointing season but the rhythm, rituals, and moments of the game soothed me.

Baseball is a old love of mine from childhood that I've rekindled big time since 2014. But what about my constant love of live music? I lost track of the concerts that I went to in 2017, but I went to some good ones. I saw old favorites like Stars, Sloan, Ben Folds and Tori Amos but also dabbled in pop music a bit with Mariah Carey and Katy Perry shows. They were all fun; I don't think a single show disappointed me. I also saw a show in April with my dad! That was fun.

The most difficult thing that happened in 2017 was the illness and death of my dear cat Rilo. Her illness hit me like a four-ton truck out of nowhere. Watching her struggle through her last days and having to make the tough decision of when to put her to sleep was so traumatic. Even thinking about it now brings me to tears. She was a special cat. She was a soul cat. I will treasure the almost nine years we had together.

In October, I made the decision to get a new cat friend. It took quite a few visits to various shelters in the city, but I found my Cleo (then named Carmine) at Toronto Humane Society - the same shelter from which I adopted Rilo in October of 2008. She's a tiny playful grey tuxedo cat who has quickly figured out how to wrap me around her paws.

The best part of 2017 was that after so many bad decisions/experiences when it comes to dating (see January), I unexpectedly met someone I adore in March. Like seriously, how did that happen? I decided to tip my toe back into the dating pool in January, and after avoiding some dates that I knew were going to be awful, I showed up to a date and sat across from someone and thought "I think this is my person."  Of course, as soon as that went through my head, I panicked and told myself to settle down, but that instinct has proven to be true.  In fact, he's my date for New Year's Eve!

And with that, I should go put some Brussels sprouts in the oven and put on my makeup. (We're staying in.) If anyone actually reads this, happy new year and all the best in 2018!


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