Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Step one, step two, step three, repeat.

Greetings from a short yet crazy busy week. Tomorrow I'm off on a field trip, and then I'm going to see Owen Pallett in the evening. It's been awhile, like a little over a month, since I've seen a show and I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, what I'm looking forward to a lot is this weekend. For the past five weekends I've left Toronto and gone somewhere else, and I'm looking forward not going anywhere this weekend. Heck, I might make exactly zero social plans this weekend. My plans are to do some spring cleaning, get to the gym, get my hair cut 'cuz it's getting straggly (if I can get an appt), and perhaps treat myself to a mani-pedi.

Hmmm, what else is new? Oh, I wore my new funky tights today. They're skin-coloured and have flowers on them, so they look a little bit like tattoos. They are fun to wear because I got a lot of comments. The girls liked them, but the boys were hilarious. I got a few "Miss what's happened to your legs? They look bruised!" and some "Miss are those tattoos on your legs?" I got people commenting on them on the subway, and a Tim Horton's server also thought they were tattoos.

I ordered a bunch of books from and they arrived today. I got a new vegetarian cookbook because it will hopefully come in handy, a random book called "What Would Audrey Do?"for my friend Eric who loves Audrey Hepburn, and a couple of historical novels that I've read before but want to re-read now that I've been to the places or seen the things they are about. I haven't finished a book in forever, and I think re-reading is the only way I'll get something read because it requires less brain-power.

I had to buy new headphones for my iPhone because a certain Miss Rilo Kitty decided to chew them up last night. I shouldn't have left them out, but she hasn't gone near headphones in ages so I've not been vigilant. Weird. Maybe she was getting me back for those car-rides to my parents, and/or for leaving her alone for two days at Easter. I still love her but I got my revenge by startling her with the packing paper that was in the box of books. She jumped into the air which made me laugh, and kept coming back for more scares. She's an odd one.

The Boston-Cape Cod adventure has gained another participant: Christa, Go9 and perhaps even a fourth: Joanna, Go9 (that one's dependent on some other factors though). I think it's going to be a great time. Can it be summer now?

On another random tangent, if you have a spare 8 minutes, and enjoy environmentalism/anti-consumerism, why not watch the cartoon below about bottled water? It's great!

I'm washing all of my bedding right now, and it's almost done. Clean sheets and a new book for the win!

p.s. If you love Stars, go here and you can download their new single for free! I'm on my first listen right now.


yrautca said...

I think its cute that they call you Miss.

-jason- said...

sometimes doing nothing on weekends is good too.

i love and hate washing sheets. they're a hassle to take off, then to put back on along with all the other bedding. however it's real comfy sleeping in clean sheets though, especially in the winter when they're just out the dryer.

word ver: acking

rawbean said...

I'm getting my haircut on saturday too!! Yay! Glad you finally get a weekend back in TO.

galapogos said...

ha ha, ok, if you really want to get Rilo back, here's what you do:

Set your iPhone on Loud and Vibrate. Then put it where she sleeps, maybe hidden under a blanket. Wait till she falls asleep. Then, call your phone. You may want to video tape it.

hee hee :)

AlieMalie said...

thanks for the link to the Stars single ... downloading now.

also, wes, that's called "animal cruelty." :P

hope you have a fantabulously chill weekend!

Claire said...

Love that vid! May share it with my gang soon.